DIY juicing – not DIY?…That is the question!

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The question is, should you DIY juicing or not DIY? It definitely is not about whether you should or should not cleanse.

Juzcit has the answer!

Cleansing can help you lose weight, gain energy, feel vibrant and vital, improve your sleep and numerous other benefits.

There are plenty of other questions though, like, how long should I cleanse for; what types of fruits and vegetables should I juice for this cleanse and can I do it myself or
should I buy the cleanse from a shop?

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First and foremost, it is not hard to prepare your own cleanse.
Cold pressed juice machines range in price from $100 to $thousands depending upon the model that you choose to go with.

The produce needed can cost anything from $12 to $100’s per day depending upon the ingredients you choose to juice. For example, if I was going to make only apple juice and can get fresh in-season apples for $2 per kg then for 6kg’s per day, that is only $12.

However 6 kg’s of produce that can be as much as $40 per kg (e.g. organic spinach was $40 per kg at my local supermarket recently) then the juice will cost $240 per day.

Of course, no one wants to drink 3 liters of spinach per day….. But as you can see, the price of the ingredients can greatly vary the price of the juice.

So, for as little as $112, (less if you go on Ebay or Gumtree and get a 2
nd hand juicer) you can juice your first days cleanse and start your journey to better health!

However, whilst juicing is great for detoxing and healing and can be relatively cheap to do; it can be time consuming to prepare the volume of juice needed to juice fast.

A domestic cold pressed juicer is slow and the ordinary domestic unit normally requires the fruit and vegetables to be cut up to fit in the feeder so preparing the juice for even just a 3 day cleanse can be burdensome if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Buying a ‘pre-set’ (i.e. the ingredients are already chosen for you) cleanse from a juice cleanse store like Juzcit is $62 per day plus delivery.

Having a cleanse pack like this delivered is convenient and you get a high quality juice cleanse with a great variety of ingredients.

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If you are too time poor to prepare your own juices and live in the Brisbane, to Ipswich, to Gold Coast, to Tweed area, I recommend Juzcit Cold Pressed Juices.

This South East Queensland business is owned and operated by Michelle Caterson. There is no commercial arrangement between
Juzcit and

We are just two businesses that stand for the same values and beliefs.

Juzcit prepares a high quality, organic cold pressed juice that can be delivered to your home or work place.

Michelle is an advocate of living a life filled with love and peace through treating yourself as the most important person in the world. Michelle worked in a high stress corporate job and was getting frustrated that she found it so hard to find truly healthy food options when on the run. So she started her own cold pressed company.

Michelle wants to make it easy for people to choose truly healthy, raw, chemical free, whole foods, especially when you are on the run and don’t have the time to do it yourself.

So if you are putting off starting your juice cleanse because of the cost, don’t, it is not expensive. If you are putting off starting a juice cleanse because you don’t have time to juice, don’t, order your juice online from Juzcit.

If you contact Michelle from Juzcit at with the list of suggested foods that I may give you from our initial consultation when signed up to our 21 day detox program or one on one coaching, she will individually design and adjust the Juzcit Standard cleanse pack to incorporate whichever fruits and vegetables (depending upon availability) can be juiced into your cleanse pack!

Enjoy your Juzcit juices because I know I do!!

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