Detox On Raw Food & Juices, It Can Be Fun!

When you think about doing a detox do you think it’s all just hard work? I don’t! 

I think fun, changes, excitement of coming into the unknown and personal growth on a physical, mental and spiritual level. 

The word detox can make many people shy away because of the belief that it will all be too hard and unpleasant. Well, yes it may be a little unpleasant BUT only for a a couple of days at most. I have had a lot of experience in coaching people through their raw food and juicing detoxes and each and every single one of them has been afraid of the same things! 

They ask me: “Will I crash? Will I feel really tired?, Will I be super hungry?, Will I feel alone?” 

All of these questions are answered within days of starting their detox, when they find themselves already feeling lighter, brighter, happier and more motivated for life in general. As the body starts to receive  cleaner foods and more usable food, it responds with a positive attitude and feeling. 

So you are saying to me,  “Lets be honest Tami!! You must have down time when detoxing?!” 

Well yes you do! I am  not going to lie to you and say it is all roses and happy days……but people will usually do a detox because they have had enough of not feeling the best they possibly could and they know they need a full body cleanse to get rid of the built up toxins from bad food and drinks choices and also lifestyle choices.

So yes! You do have down days. Some are worse than others, some last one day, some last two. It all depends on how toxic you are and how well you do the detox! But I must ask you to ask yourself this……..What is worse? Feeling lethargic, irritable and unwell for one or two days then come out the other end feeling vibrant and alive? OR….. Feeling like you are running at 50% most of your days, dragging your feet for every move you must make to simply live life, knowing that you can feel and do so much better? 

Just about every single person that has been through a 21 day detox with us has found a new love for raw foods and absolutely falls in love with juicing and the incredible affects it has on their energy levels, skin, frame of mind and the way it dissolves health issues. It really is not that bad and once you experience it yourself, you will then learn how to use it in your day to day life to make sure your body is 100% running at its best!

 Raw Food and Juicing Detox Fun
creative_raw_food _byron_bay_400

I share my clients’ journeys and pictures on my Facebook account and groups. Above is a picture I love and the way she is so excited to have completed her detox and still is Rawing it up and the other picture shows us just how creative raw foods can be…….

Detoxing equals fun, change, excitement for the new you and satisfaction! Try it one day, you will not regret it….

much love 
Tami J


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