5 Day Raw Workshops

Inner Connect’s 5 Day Raw Workshop is held interstate throughout Australia for groups of employees of 15 people or more. Our workplace workshops can make a difference to you and your business’s health culture.

Employees and management will gain new views on their health and how to manage it easily through using raw food and juicing techniques that are easy to incorporate into their everyday life, guaranteeing that they are getting abundance of nutrients into their daily nutrition intake.

Tami J focuses on creating a healthier workplace with employees feeling more in control of their well being at home and at work, which then creates a sense of having more to give in their workplace with their upmost best version of themselves. healthy workplace culture

After completing the 5 Day Raw Workshop, your employees may find themselves bouncing out of bed eager to get to work in a physical and mental state that is at ease and comfortable to get on with their day. In return they will more easily deliver to you a better quality of themselves and their work performances will rise to another level.

We all know that if are not feeling good within our own body physically or mentally we do not deliver our best in parts of our life, including relationships, mother or fatherhood, self care and work performance.

In today’s society it is known that the focus on employee health is a priority. It makes an impact on your company if you are housing unwell employees that are dragging themselves to work each day giving you only half what they are actually capable of. This can be changed!

The health and wellbeing revolution is sweeping through workplaces, with creative thinking companies making an effort to promote healthier lifestyles, more flexible working conditions and better work-life balance.

Companies such as Cotton On (a leading brand in the fashion industry) are taking things as far as employing their very own health coaches, who then employ other health practitioners also to come in and educate the companies employees on health, nutrition, life style and work life balance.

Other companies such as QANTAS, Lendlease, Virgin and many more are creating such a focus on their employee health that they are planting fresh foods on the top of their buildings for employees to help themselves to, holding healthy food workshops in-house and holding a variety of other health focused seminars and activities in-house such as yoga, meditation and even gym memberships are offered as part of the salary.

Companies such as Google who we ALL know went BOOM over night and Cotton On that hold very high value on their employees health and well being are a force to be noticed. With Cotton On rising up from being a small Geelong based business in less than 25 years ago to now a company that employs more than 20,000 people and sells eight brands in 1300 retail stores in 17 countries. Virgin has one of the highest “happy employee” rates and is also a company that has spread it wings incredibly fast. All of these companies have a strong focus on employee health and well being.

This does not all happen because of the owner or manager of the business, or just from money injected into the business……

This happens because of the people who ARE the business, and their loyalty. Not costing the business too much money outside of their wages and what type of quality work they can deliver. If they are healthy they will deliver.

The trend is here to be a healthy workplace and it is growing FAST! Healthy employees that flourish and shine equals healthy business that flourishes and shines. Promoting health in the workplace


Before you read on to what our workshop involves, ask yourself these questions:

  1. 1. Do I feel my employees have much more potential?
  2. 2. Can I honestly say that my workplace is a healthy environment?
  3. 3. Could my employees eat more healthy foods?
  4. 4. Is it hard seeing people having to take sick leave, how does this affect me?
  5. 5. Is there a strong sense of community in my company?
  6. 6. Is it time for a change within my business health culture?
healthy work culture

In the 5 Day Raw Workshop Tami J will come to your workplace for at least an hour each morning for 5 days in a row. They will deliver to your workplace, in person with immense energy, ambition, encouragement, empathy and inspiration on the following things…..


  • How to make eating raw food and juices only, for 5 days in a row easy
  • How to intermittent fast for 5 days to feel the difference in energy levels and health
  • How to heal chronic or everyday illnesses naturally
  • Gut health and how it affects your whole body
  • Weight loss techniques and how to keep it off made easy
  • Using raw foods and juicing for better health
  • Natural skin care
  • How to manage fatigue and not suffer any more
  • How to maintain good health easily

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – practised each day

  • Breath work and how it affects your health
  • Stretching and moving techniques
  • Meditations
  • Trust building pods


  • 1 x one on one coaching session with Tami J for each participant before the workshops begins, to gain more insight and direction on creating better health for themselves during the workshop. This is done via the phone.


  • Raw food recipe ebooks
  • Juice recipes ebooks
  • Company’s private workshop facebook group for day interaction and inspiration when at home
  • Prizes to be won such as face map readings, another raw food recipe ebook and more one on one coaching sessions.
Workplace health workshop


I have researched and tried and tested juices and raw foods made by reputable and safe companies. Packages are available to create ease in peoples lives that want to do the workshop but may be time poor. It also introduces them to an array of delicious juice recipes and raw foods made up for them. 



Prices vary depending on how many people you have in the challenge – minimum is 15. It also depends on location. So we would need to discuss this further on the phone. The more people that are in the challenge the less it costs per person.
Prices start at $40 per person per day for 15 people. Prices go down significantly with more people. That is a total maximum of $200 per person for the challenge to be brought in house to your workplace for minimum 1 hour per day for 5 days in a row, full of education, inspiration and education.  

So is it time for a new health culture within your business/company? Is it ready for a facelift, new energy, happier employees, more get up and go attitude and a new level of sense of care for its people? If so we are ready to connect with you and hear what your desires and needs are for your workplace health culture to become a part of your success for your business and its people at work and at home. 

Be the leader to new ways of caring for your tribe and watch what happens…….

Inner Connect - Healthy Vibe

Please CONTACT TAMI J on 0422843657 to organise a meeting to discuss your workplace health culture vision or send her a message through her Facebook Page