Tami Jane is here to inspire and support the human race to improve their quality of life, well being and guide them to raise their vibrations. Guiding others in creating life changes that are incredibly healing and up lifting for mind, body and soul. 

Her guidance includes eating high vibrational plant based foods, adopting juice and water fasting as a way of self care and guidance for connecting with higher self and source, through breath work, ceremony and energy healing practices.

Over her years of intensive self healing practice and guiding others in these areas, she has created a holistic approach to physical. emotional and spiritual healing that supports many parts of human health. 

Tami Jane has practised fasting on juices for up to 30 days at a time and fasting on water only for up to 16 days at a time. Each time finding her spiritual awareness and connection to self and nature strengthening and opening to new levels. Tami Jane advises that fasting is not to be attempted at home unless you have educated yourself thoroughly first on fasting and the effects of fasting. 

Her understanding of how it feels to expand as a human through fasting is extensive and the sharing go her journeys have inspired hundreds to learn the practise of fasting for healing and expansion.  

Her experience in breath work is from self breath work journeys guided by several healers since 2011 and completing Level One Breathwork certification in an intensive 6 day course in Thailand led by a Christabel Zamor a leader in the field. Tami has facilitated many breath works for her clients over the years, one on one and in groups retreats. 

Energy healing has been a natural talent that has shown up in her life since she as a child and through her teen years and 20’s she list touch with it as she struggled though drug addiction and street life ways. of living. 

When she became a beauty therapist in her 30’s it al started to come ack to her as she would get visions and energy transferred from her clients to her and would surprise her clients with what she was seeing and feeling. 

Since creating Inner Connect and immersing into her light worker abilities, Tami Jane has studied and practiced different healing practices to help her to harness, believe in and use her natural intuitive energy healing abilities. Currently studying her Reiki Certification Tami Jane is excited to add this to her work. 

Tami Jane created Inner Connect to help humans realise they are not alone and have somewhere to connect to others that also feel they need help in healing and rising above their challenges. It first started out with just her detox programs but has since grown into healing events and retreats run though out Australia. 



Meet Tami Jane

Hi I’m Tami Jane.
I have a deep belief that our bodys’, if assisted with fasting, raw foods, breath work and lifestyle changes, can have positive effects to our physical/mental and spiritual health and happiness.

I am here with many years experience working with men and women who have suffered chronic health conditions sometimes suffering for over 10 years. People who have not only lost their physical well being but also losing their mental and spiritual well being. Coming to a point in their life where they cannot find the light within themselves. 

I’ve helped people save their marriages, keep their jobs, quit their jobs, turn their entire life upside down and around to then find themselves standing stronger than ever before full of energy and in a new way of life with a new sense of awareness, love and acceptance of self and a brighter outlook on their inner and outside world. 

Designing detox and fasting programs, healing events and retreats, for many who seek my direction is my expertise and I have had much success with many that have come under my wing for guidance and support.

Since I  achieved a tremendous amount of positive results from reversing my own chronic fatigue (which some doctors suspected was Multiple Sclerosis), that had me unable to use my arms and legs unassisted for a few days at a time, various fasting methods and raw foods, have been a focus of mine for quite some time!  
I also reversed hypothyroidism, leaky gut and very painful fibromyalgia symptoms that would have me awake all through the night in pain. It all really came back to the health of my gut!

Juice fasting for 25 days, followed by water fasting for an extended time and had the help of my detox coach who advised me what to do is how I did this. I followed this up with a very mindful, balanced and healthy life, focusing on high raw food consumption and fasting techniques.

The first day I woke up and did not feel fatigued after juice fasting for awhile was a day I will never forget! I could finally walk 500 metres (actually more than that!) with out getting puffed out and needing to lay down. 

Once I was physically healthy I then started to work deeply with various healers from Wa, Byron Bay NSW and Thailand, to dive deep into acknowledging and healing my inner children, my spirit body and my emotional health. 

This is where energy healing and breath work came into my life and I not only healed the most fragile parts of myself I also had expansive experiences of connecting with my guardian angels and my higher source of energy. This was a true time of growth and transition for me as a healer and I have since studied and attended trainings for Breath work and Reiki to further my abilities as a light worker and healer. 

Now living life to my absolute full potential I am driven to share what I have learnt through my own experience and also my further studies and research to help others raise their vibrations for a more exciting and fulfilled life!

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Over the years of coaching one on one and running healing retreats I have come into contact with ability to connect with others on a deep intuitive level, to pinpoint what it may be that has them not achieving their ideal health and happiness, why they are chronically ill or spiritually fragmented and what changes need to happen for them raise their vibrations and health. 

Working from a place of empowerment first to then hold and heal the most fragile parts of yourself is my promise to you with my guidance and support. 

I believe in all humans rights to feel their love for themselves, to have the life they truly desire and that they can raise their vibrations with the right support in foods, fasting, breath and energy no matter where they are starting from! Going for once being a drug addict and young street kid with a very fragmented life of abuse, to now being a business owner and healer, I believe everyone can rise up and heal!  You just need to meet the right angel of light to help you!

My skills, studies and research include – Reiki 1 & 2 certification, Certified Herbal Councillor, Culinary Nutrition Certification, Level 1 Breath of Bliss Breathwork Certification, Certified Hypnotherapist, research of Fasting Practices and studies of Meditation by Eric Harrison.

Be sure to visit my testimonials page to see the transformational journeys I have guided people through to gain amazing results. 

Much love
Tami Jane