There are many reasons I have become such a raw food enthusiast and a juicing queen! Top of the list is because of how healthy I feel when I eat and drink this way.


We all love our dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc etc. We could not even think of harming them in any way…….We are connected to them, emotionally and would feel sadness if we knew they were being hurt right? We have an animal connection with them.

Ok so I am not about to go on a  vegan banter here BUT I am going to share with you a new connection I have with the animal kingdom. Since eating more raw and not eating meat any longer I have become more and more sensitive to the animal kingdom and how it is being treated. 

My following piece of writing was written on the spur the moment, I was literally meditating and I found myself picking up a pen and writing as I was in the meditation! It was an amazing experience and it felt so beautiful in my heart, and it truly lead me to an new level of animal connection. 

So find a quiet spot and enjoy the journey.



This is a piece I wrote last whales season……thought I might share it with you again……..
It’s a rainy night here in Byron Bay so we have laid down early in our beds in our caravan (our humble home.)

We have been laying here listening to meditation/relaxation music that has the magical sounds of the ocean and the whales calling out to each other…..
As my babies fall asleep and my husband drifts off into peace to these sounds, I feel myself sink into the ocean….Deeper, deeper and to depths of no visual of the sky above the surface. I’m floating…….. Freely…. No need to paddle no need to swim. Totally surrounded by endless space and time.

I feel the water embracing me, holding me and cleansing every pore on my skin from the debris of life from above. She (the ocean) purifies my every cell with the intention to give me more life….. Wanting nothing in return….. Just giving…..

As I lay there embraced by the ocean I listen more carefully and hear the melody of communications that are happening from distances I could not ever swim….. Beautiful sounds….
What are they saying? It sounds so sad….. It has the sound of love, gentleness, kindness but seems helpless and hurt…… It is echoing…..vibrating through my body. I cannot stop the vibration entering me…is this vibration ‘animal connection’?

Do they feel trapped, neglected, forgotten or in disbelief? Here they are living peacefully in the depths of the blue seas, taking only what they need to survive, never coming onto land to destroy it or take from it.

I can hear in their calls that they just could never think of doing such a thing…. Destroy another beings habitat unecessarily or take from it or even take another beings life for an unnecessary desires.
I can feel their callings are for love. Love for one and other but I also feel their callings are for love for their home….. The ocean……. A home that is being used as a sewer, dumping ground, as a slaughter house and more. They are crying….. They are in disbelief and are running out of ideas on how to save it.
So as I lay here embraced in ocean waters….. I feel the sadness, the helplessness of being trapped and the desperation of pleads that we are just not hearing up here on the ground.

We don’t here them, we don’t even try to hear them.

I start to cry…… I hold myself in my own arms and try to feel my beating heart…. Try to connect to how I really feel about all of this. How there is whole world under the ocean that is so peaceful and gentle and life giving……. So much so that it is literally being destroyed.

My tears and cries were heard.
I look before me…. I can see something.
It’s a whale emerging from the darkness in front of me. It’s coming gracefully, peacefully and at a slow pace.

I am not frightened, I am not threatened. I feel her spirit connect with mine. She looks me straight in the eye and I feel the connection…..animal connection. And without a sound, without either one of us calling out, we connect…. Energy to energy, vibration to vibration…….

Heart to heart. Being to being….. We are here…… In the space…. In the ocean……. Neither one feeling like other does not belong here. We are together on this earth…… We are not 2 different species with different rights to the land or the ocean.

I cannot believe how forgiving she is, how welcoming she is and how I feel that she does not want me to feel sad. There is a deep understanding from her that knows I am awake, I care for her and her environment that is her home.

She knows I have fully opened my heart enough to hurt, to FEEL what the animals of the ocean would be going through with all the slaughtering, dumping of waste and disrespect my own family ‘the human race’ is creating.

As a sign of understanding and comfort, she swims around me, close enough to ever so lightly brush up against my skin and create a whirlpool around me that lifts me back to the surface of the ocean. She knows I need air and soon!

As we get to the top and see the Suns Ray’s coming through the water I hesitate……. Do I want to go back up there? Back to where I feel there is so much battling going on? War… Governments forcing people to live certain ways….. Where my own kind no longer hunt for their food on natural instincts but actually breed innocent animals into a life of torture to then eat them.

Do I want to go back?

Yes I do.
For there is also peace on earth and there is also HOPE on earth.

I learnt from the whale that forgiveness and understanding is powerful as it allows others to FEEL on a deeper level and to maybe make better choices in the future. You show someone love and they WILL feel the connection. I had now made animal connection with the whale and it was love.

They showed me love…. The ocean and the whale. Both embracing me with no hesitation and filling me up with a full heart of unconditional love….

They did this not only for me but for themselves. Knowing that if I shared my experience with others here up on earth that maybe….. Just maybe another human being will make the choice to see and hear them for what they really are……

Beautiful beings, living peacefully, gracefully, playing, endlessly searching for love and companionship and only taking what is necessary for their survival…… They FEEL, just like us. They SEE what is happening in their world, just like us and they talk about what’s happening, just like us.
But they remain pure and loving.

Imagine if we lived like that……

I believe one day we can live in world like that…..

One person at a time.
Maybe you are that next person.

Much love
Tami J

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