Anxiety Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Anxiety symptoms and natural treatment can vary widely.

It can be confusing to know if you have anxiety and more confusing on how to treat it. I have worked with many many people now who have suffered severe anxiety so much that some were suicidal when they came to me, with a long list of symptoms that were taking control of their behaviour, body and life! 

Some clients were feeling out of control, shaky, not able to talk without tremor, not able to eat or sleep, not able to work, un able to socialise and so much more. It can be so debilitating and frightening to the point you want to hide yourself away from society….. 




What are anxiety symptoms and natural treatments? 

Anxiety can feel different for all of us but is commonly felt as a lingering fear, stress, uptightnervousness, jittery or apprehensive. You can feel overwhelmed and as though everything stresses you out and is all too much! Even the everyday chores can become too much for you to try and think about or do. 

Here is a list of the most common symptoms of anxiety. 

1 – Twitching
2 – Dizziness
3 – Muscle tension – and even the heart muscle. 
4 – Heart palpitations 
5 – Thumping heart
6 – Irritable Moods
7 – Headaches
8 – Sweating alot
9 – Confusion
10 – Insomnia 

These types of symptoms can be from another disease also, so always be sure to ask your professional health expert on how to determine if they are anxiety or something else if you are worried about them or they have been persistent.

In saying this though, these symptoms can be mistaken for something like a heart attack, depression, neurological issues, behaviour conditions such ADHD and more. A lot of the time it can be anxiety and none of these things! 

The cause of anxiety can be thousands of reasons! Here are some very common causes of anxiety. 

1 – Cold and flu drugs/decongestants/anti histamines
2 – Stress
3 – Unhealed emotional trauma
4 – Gut health/inflammation in gut
5 – People around you treating you badly
6 – Heavy metals in body
7 – Low blood sugar
8 – Poor diet & food allergies 
9 – Thyroid in poor health
10 – Medication side effects

Ok, so I haven’t answered the full question of what are the anxiety symptoms and natural treatments? Its all good and well to talk about the condition and what causes it but how about we know how to treat it and also how to prevent it!! Prevention is the KEY to a good and happy life and health. So lets talk about both.

Naturally preventing and treating anxiety

Food can make a huge difference to how we feel. It can have an effect on our hormones, gut health, nervous system, clarity of mind, energy levels, stress levels and yes anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety cooling and calming foods that help the nervous system to relax are needed.

Here is a list of some cooling and calming foods to focus on eating or juicing for a calmer you. 


1 – All purple and blue fruits and vegetables  – the antioxidants protect the hippocampus and stimulate new cell growth. The Hippocampus is part of the brain that creates memories about events and facts.  Memories can trigger anxiety.

The hippocampus sends messages to other parts of the brain. If this part of the brain is weakened or stressed it can start a cycle of stress in the brain that can lead to anxiety. Strengthening this part of the brain can stop the merry go round of fear that is  big part of anxiety.

2 – Foods high in Omega 3 – avocado, hemp seeds. flax seeds, walnuts, brussel sprouts. 

3 – Vitamin b6 foods – nuts, mushrooms, avocado, banana, pistachios, beans. 

4 – Magnesium rich foods – whole grains, nuts, seeds, leafy greens and legumes. 

5 – Mushrooms and fortified foods for vitamin D – vitamin d can also be absorbed by laying in the sun each day with bare skin exposed for at  least 20 mins each side. This also penetrates the pituitary glands, that also have an effect on the level of calm and happiness in your hormone levels. Un balanced hormones can cause anxiety.

6 – Fermented foods for good gut bacteria –  It is scientifically proven in many studies now that the flora of your gut bacterias have an effect on your brain. See our article here called Gut Health Effects Mental Health  for a more in depth description on this hot topic in the health industry! You will be surprised on how much it does have an effect and how the gut actually has brain cells in it that communicates to our brain. 

7 – Foods high in vitamin c – pineapple, capsicum, broccoli, papayas, strawberries, melons and more!

8 – Serotonin building foods – brown rice, beetroot, banana, fennel and legumes. Serotonin levels have a big impact on whether you feel calm and happy or stressed and depressed. 

9 – Foods with zinc in them  – lentils, cashews and pumpkin seeds. 

10 – Juice fastingJuice fasting on the foods from this list that can be juiced is a powerful way to heal and reverse anxiety. Clients who have completed my 21 day detox program  have achieved incredible healing success this way within a few weeks.  

Reversing symptoms as harsh as feeling suicidal, tremors, insomnia, coughing and choking when its time to eat, eating disorders, antisocial feelings and more have been achieved. Like I stated earlier most of them have got off chemical drugs that their doctor have put them on for their condition.

They are now living and managing their health through a better diet and lifestyle and practise the many things they have learnt through the program about the power of fasting for anxiety symptoms and natural treatments of anxiety. See this testimony from Bronwyn here for more information on how it feels to heal severe anxiety! 

Juice fasting and doing detox methods to assist the organs when purging toxins, is the fastest way to correct bad gut health and to bring down inflammation in the body, both of which are scientifically proven to cause anxiety in the body! 


Breathing can be drastically effected in someone who suffers from anxiety. They will usually find they breath in deeply but then do not breath out enough. This then causes even more anxiety in the body.

It is like the person is taking in more than they are letting out. Not releasing enough toxins from their body with the shallow out breath and/or even holding their breath at times without even realising it causes toxicity in the body to rise and this then causes dis-ease in the body.

Dis-eases in the body will start telling you it is there in common symptoms that are found in a person who has anxiety. 
Depressed people tend to do the opposite, they will breath in shallowly and out deeply, leaving themselves 
depleted. If you are both depressed and anxious you will bounce between the 2. 

Here is a link to 1 of my videos from my program that can help you regulate your breath. I have more but this one can get you started. 


It is said we can become like who we spend most of our time with. Now if you are spending time with people who do not hold similar morals than you, treat you badly, speak to you badly, are not in your way of thinking and in a negative way, this will energetically rub off onto you and you will FEEL their energy!  Then you may start to feel unwell, toxic, full of energy that you do not like.

There are ways to try and protect your energy field but sometimes what is really needed is to detox toxic people out of your life. Especially if they have no intention on changing their own behaviours and feel it is ok to treat you the way they do after you have shared with them how it is hurting you. 

Now this can be one of the hardest things to do in life, it can bring about fear, loss and sadness but if you really sit and think about it, what is this person bringing to you anyway? Very blunt but sometimes this can be very true. Keeping someone in your life who truly hurts you WILL make you anxious and or depressed……and only you can take yourself out of that situation. People will not change unless they want to, you cannot change them. 


Stress is a killer. Yes it is! Anxiety is a sign that you are stressed one way or another. If you do not listen to the anxiety it will become something more serious, and then if you do not listen to the more serious symptom/dis ease in the body you may die. 


Our business is our choice. Our work load is our choice. What we do for money is our choice. How we live our life is our choice. No one is making these choices for you. Only you are. Until we take full responsibility for our own choices and lifestyle we will not be comfortable in our own body. 

There are always things we can go without, let go of, not worry about, chose not think about, turn away from, quit, create, surrender to and embrace to create a place in this world that we feel comfortable in.

There is never a good enough reason to push and abuse your body and mind so hard that it breaks down on you and starts to shut down……so now is the time to start listening……what can you hear? Are your actions and choices creating anxiety, dis-eases, stress, depression? What are you creating for you right now? 

People with anxiety can be rid of it. It is not a long life sentence. It is a message from your physical and mental self telling you to make different choices in people, work, food, lifestyle, thoughts, actions and also could be asking you to face and heal past trauma through physically and emotionally being fully 100% present for yourself and take steps to heal.……

I know from my very own experience of having anxiety so bad I would not want to see my own family and friends at times that……


It’s when you finally decide to put yourself first, before money, work, others expectations and needs from you, that you will come home to loving self and healing anxiety. 

Written with love
Tami Jane 



Thank you, tami. Clearly and simply written, and to the point. Thank you ? anxiety is an epidemic and it’s escalating out of control. It’s wonderful that there are people like you who are there to help people become who they really are. Xxx


Hello Anthea! Thank you for your message! Its truly sad to see how much anxiety is escalating……Im glad my blog was of use to you. I have helped many people now over come anxiety. It is one of the happiest days that have in some time when they wake and don’t feel that awful rushing feeling running through their body and they feel safe and relaxed in their own body. I hope you are well. Much love to you Tami Jane xxxxx


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