For thousands of years, clay healing benefits have been recognised in many parts of the world. Not only has it been used for healing but also for cosmetic reasons, creating cleansing and toning to the skin, helping scars fade, wounds close up, heal and more. 


Egyptians were already using all different types of clay over 3 thousand years ago to treat wounds and skin diseases and for clay mask for the face and body. Famous Greek and Roman doctors such as Dioscorides, Galen and Pliny the Elder mentioned clay in their writings as a remedy for diversity of ailments, including healing broken bones!

There are many different types of clay being used all over the world for many different clay healing benefits,  in Indonesia they use white clay internally to treat stomach pains and diarrhoea and in France, green clay is used externally and internally for many common ailments. In Australia the indigenous people use clay as a stomach remedy, but here in Australia clay is still not highly recognised! 

Clay is not a miracle cure for everything but it is a powerful healing tool worth trying! In my time of practising as a detox coach I have had almost all of my clients use Bentonite Clay in their detox program. 


Bentonite Clay is easily accessible, can bought online on eBay or in a health food store and is easily taken orally and used externally. The reasons I include the internal use of bentonite clay are –

1 – The negative iconic charge found in bentonite clay attracts and binds to the positive charges found in the body and digestive system, then draws them out of the body when the body eliminates the toxic matter (goes to the toilet). Positive charges are made of toxic elements, bad bacteria, pesticides and can contain things such as heavy metals  which have all been proven to create ill health in the body. 

2 – Bentonite clay is packed with amazing minerals such as calcium, copper and magnesium, silica, sodium, potassium and iron. It has nearly 70 trace elements. It can be seen as a natural multi vitamin when it is packed with so many beneficial nutrients. So while it is attracting toxic matter it is also leaching out its incredible healing minerals into the body. 

3 – It can relieve  nausea, acid reflux and diarrhoea. It has been used to help people with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and heal leaky gut syndrome! I have seen this happen in myself and many clients doing a deep detox under my guidance with clay involved! Here is the link to my detox program if you are interested! – 21 day detox program  Bentonite needs to be taken orally to help with these issues so it can work its magic inside of the intestines. 

4 – When taken in consecutive days in a row you may find that bentonite clay has an affect on your energy levels. Your mind can become much clearer, finding better clarity in mind and your energy levels may rise! This can happen for the clay pulls out hydrogen from your cells, making room for more oxygen to then enter your cells, creating more energy and vitality! 

5 – If you are suffering inflammation (pain and dis comfort) in your body, bentonite clay healing benefits, can seriously  be a very easy and accessible tool to use in your daily routine to help relieve this! It contains strong anti inflammatory properties, helping many conditions that are caused by inflammation such as acne, arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, cancer, parkinson and so much more. So many health conditions can be reversed with the assistance of clay healing benefits. Here are some testimonials of some people who have healed chronic illnesses like these whilst fasting and using bentonite clay – healing testimonials

6 – Balances body’s PH! When we are not well we will most likely find that our PH levels are very acidic. Bentonite clay brings balance back to our Ph levels because it is an alkalising substance. 

There are many many more benefits of using bentonite clay, these are just a few of them that are beneficial for when you are detoxing or trying to help the body not be toxic on a daily basis. 


Bentonite clay can be used internally and externally. 

INTERNALLY –  Always look for a good food grade calcium bentonite clay that has been approved for internal use. It should let you know on the packaging if  it is safe to take orally. The clay should either be grey, light brown or green in colour. If it is white or very course it is not safe to take internally.
In a medium glass of water or pure cold pressed juice, add in a teaspoon of the clay and stir quickly before it starts to clump up and then drink straight away. ***PLEASE DO NOT USE A METAL OR SILVER SPOON!* Always use a wooden spoon to stir in bentonite for the charges in the bentonite will be negatively affect by the metal etc. It’s best to have the clay on an empty stomach to reap the full benefits.
You may take the clay once a day for ongoing maintenance of health or even more if you are doing an intensive detox. **Bentonite clay should NOT be used internally when pregnant and if you are suffering ill  health please consult your health practitioner before using it to be sure it is safe for your personal situation. 

EXTERNALLY – You can use calcium or sodium based bentonite clay externally. Sodium based will have more of an effect on drawing out toxins through the skin so if you can find it, thats great. Bentonite clay can be used as a face mask, body mask, toothpaste and even can be applied on wounds, stings and bites to help heal.
In a small glass jar add some clay and water together until you get a nice paste that is able to be spread onto the skin with ease. You can leave it on as long as you like. The longer you leave it the more toxins will be drawn out. Usually once the clay has dried it has reached its full potential and it is time to wash it off gently with warm water. 



Yes there is. The most experienced side affect of using bentonite clay internally is constipation. This will happen if the person consuming it is not drinking enough water. The clay becomes thicker as it goes through the digestive system binding to many toxins, then also pulling water from your colon wall and if you do not drink at least 3 litres of water or more that day, you may become very constipated! 
Some people experience typical detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea etc. If you feel they are too much for you try taking half the amount of the clay and see if you are able to cope with that better. 

Enjoy trying out the powers of clay healing benefits! I look forward to hearing from you on how it make you feel. Remember to give it time to give you the benefits. Healing never happens over night, but each little step you take to assist the body to detox while it carries you through this toxic world will make a difference to your health and well being. 

Much love
Tami J 



Thankyou Tami J will look out for bentonite clay have used this before on two occasions and like it ! I purchased clay from from Heath food store ! Thankyou for this article!
Cheers Susan xxxooo


I hope you are enjoying the bentonite clay!! It can work amazing things for our health. Much love xx


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