What on earth is Diatomaceous Earth?!?

You may have never heard of Diatomaceous Earth and perhaps don’t even know what it looks like, yet, chances are, you may have consumed it at some point without even knowing!

As we delve into aspects of detox I want to kick off with a little bit of info about this natural product. Commonly called DE, it usually comes in the form of a white powder.

DE is used in food manufacturing, skin products, water filtering and farming to help naturally eliminate insects, parasites, viruses and other harmful organisms by binding to them and drying them out.


As a dietary supplement food grade DE is quite amazing because it helps move things out of your intestines and also helps promote healthier hair, skin, bones, and joints.

Using DE internally can assist in reducing odours help curb flatulence, cleanse the digestive tract, boost liver function and absorb harmful toxins within the blood. Each morning take diatomaceous earth on an empty stomach.

Start small and slowly work your way up to a higher dose; perhaps begin with just a teaspoon added to at least 350 or 400 mls of liquid. Mix vigorously and drink immediately.

It can be a bit chalky and gritty in texture if you mix DE just with water so if you find that off-putting, try it blended into a juice or smoothie, or sprinkle it over oatmeal and enjoy with a plant-based milk and some fruit.

The great benefit of detox with DE is that the silica in the powder helps remove heavy metals from the body, making it perfect for a heavy metal detox.

Studies have also shown that DE is highly effective at removing and reducing parasites.

So, get ready, get set and EAT DIRT! It’s good for you!

Much love
Tami Jane xxx

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