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Gusha Wash Body Cleanse is a technique to help open up the skin and rid the body of bad bacteria and potential yeast, fungus, parasites and petro chemicals that get clogged in our 7 layers of dermis and epidermis.

Being the largest eliminatory organ we have for getting rid of acid and other toxicity from the body and essentially keeping us cool, the skin should be one of the most important organs to be keeping toxin free from the outside!

The skin should eliminate up to 2kgs of material each day. But this is not the case for most of us because our skin gets clogged over time and soap doesn’t have the ability to really clean thoroughly and leaves a residue on top of our skin leaving it unable to breathe efficiently.

The creation of chemical soaps was an offence to our skins job of expelling detoxes……

Guasha washing will help you to tan and not burn and will keep you healthy and your skin looking great. Burning can be the outcome of toxins on the skin being cooked on top of your skin!

It is recommend to use this every day for 1-2 weeks then doing it 2-3 times per week permanently.


Its very easy to make your own Guasha Wash Body Cleanse! You will find you use less and feel cleaner and brighter than ever when you do use it regularly instead of  the everyday soaps. 

Buy aluminium free bi-carb soda and bottle of triple distilled alcohol/vodka. No drinking please… Sorry!

Fill a re-sealable glass jar with a top that has a big enough opening to reach your hand in or a desert spoon into, with 3 quarters the way full with bicarb.

Then saturate with alcohol slowly, being sure to stop and stir to see if you have created a paste. Once you have created a paste stop adding alcohol. Place the lid on tightly until you are about to use it. The guasha paste will dehydrated if you leave lid off, so be sure to always replace the lid!

When you shower wet your whole body, step out of the water and scoop about 2 tablespoons of guasha out with a spoon and place in your palm, scrub each arm, leg, mid section, back etc getting more guasha when needed. You can even scrub your face and head with it very gently. Then get back in the shower and completely wash all of the mix off.

If possible, getting out in the sun directly after and using organic coconut oil to nourish the skin which has a natural SPF of 5-7, if you live in a place with very strong sun, can greatly benefit your intake of vitamin D and will be an instant pick me up!


This is Tami J after using Guasha Wash Body Cleanse for 30 days straight and organic coconut oil only for sunbathing, for 20 minutes everyday…


She did this while juice fasting for 30 days. The results were amazingly clear skin that was once troubled with blemishes and a glowing shine to her entire body!

She now also uses this technique with her children and husband as their skin cleansing ritual.

PS. No, Tami isn’t wearing makeup, she has just got out of the shower put some coconut oil on and is standing in front of a window! So many people have asked her this when they have seen this photo.


Gail Abraham

Will definitely be going to buy some vodka tomorrow. Cant wait to do this.
Thanks Tami j


You will love this!! Your skin feels amazingly cleaner than ever before when you use this cleansing method. Much love Tami J xx

Chris Miller

Doesn’t Guasha destroy your protective healthy skin microbiome, which is very difficult to replace. Antibacterial soap also distroys our protective layer of bacteria.


I don’t drink so where do u buy distilled vodka from? Just a bottle shop ? Any particular brand reccomendations ?

Inner Connect

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