Gut health effects mental health

There is a lot of noise out there about how gut health effects mental health that is making a lot of sense! 

Have you ever found  yourself saying “I feel like sh*t today, or they are speaking sh*t, or they are full of sh*t?! Well in reality it will be because you or ‘they’ may just be full of sh*t!


Now when I say sh*t, I mean things like mucous, plaques, backed up faeces and even worms! 

There is scientific evidence being released everyday now about how the gut health effects mental health.  Scientific proof that the imbalance of bacterias and yeast in the gut can cause inflammation in the body and brain and inflammation can cause all sorts of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and even psychotic behaviours.

Have you also felt yourself feeling like you have no control over the food choices you are eating? How would you feel if I suggested that maybe you have parasites that are actually having an influence on your choices to actually feed their preferred foods that create an acidic environment in your gut that they will THRIVE in and survive?! 

Parasites also can have an effect on your gut health and mental health.

It has been documented in documentaries and scientific studies that they can cause us to chose acidic foods, which then create bad bacterial growths in the gut, which then cause slow digestion, which then causes slow functioning of the brain and body system. This can all then cause depression, anxiety or stress.

Parasites can move throughout the body depending on the type of parasite. There have been cases of parasites making their way into the human brain which has been said to cause psychotic behaviour and thoughts. If you eat meat and in particular raw fish, pig and chicken you are more likely to have parasites.

All animals will have some type of worm in them and they can be passed on easily by us patting them or eating them. 

In some documentaries you will find on youtube it is said that parasites can manipulate an animal to do a certain thing so it will then die and be eaten by a bigger animal so the parasite can then grow bigger in a new environment……makes you think doesn’t it? 



Uncontrollable poor food choices
Bloating of the gut
Abdominal pain or discomfort
Passing of blood in stools
Rash or itching around the rectum

So how do you end up with a gut with bad bacteria that creates a heaven for parasites? 

Gut bacteria is effected by many things. The biggest things are what we eat and toxins entering the body through medications, drugs and sprays that cause acidity. Friendly bacteria cannot survive in an acidic environment but bad bacteria can!

If you eat foods that are high in acid such as meat, dairy, eggs, processed foods and sugars your good  bacteria will die off or turn bad. Here is a food chart to show which foods are on the high end of acidity that will bring toxicity to the gut bacteria. 


Scientists are now calling gut the second brain. They believe that gut health effects mental health for many reasons.

You know when you get a ‘gut’ feeling, well you are actually thinking with your gut! So, if your gut is toxic, what kind of messages or feelings do you think you may get from your gut? 

Your gut can influence your immune system, emotions, chemistry, and long term health. These powerful connections are part of science called neurogastroenterology which is the study of the gut health effects the brain findings.

Here are some interesting facts about how gut health effects mental health and physical health. 

1 – 95% of your body’ serotonin (the body’s natural anti depressant molecule) is found in the gut. WOW! That is alot of your anti depressant army! Imagine if they were all fed or treated with toxicity….how they would feel? If they are not happy, you will not be happy – gut health effects metal health. 

2 – In recent studies it has been found  that 9 out of 10 autistic people have common gut health issues such as leaky gut, IBS and alot less of the friendly (good) bacterias in the gut compared to someone who is not autistic.

This finding had us now believing that gut health effects mental health.
Experiments in mice are now being made to determine on whether balancing the gut bacteria in an autistic mouse can help change behaviour.

Leaky gut and IBS can be reversed within 4 weeks of heavy metal detoxing.  Stripping out all bad bacterias though raw food, fasting and ancient detox methods that focus on doing a complete sweep out of the intestines. This must ben followed wiht the correct fermented foods and plant based foods to then rebuild the gut bacteria to a happy and healthy army!

3 – A persons mood can be changed by the food that passes through the gut. Your gut can be addicted to foods that are fatty or high in carbohydrate because of the fact that fat creates increased feelings of happiness by triggering the release of dopamine and carbohydrates triggers the release of serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter).

This is a clear sign that gut health effects mental health. So when you feel you have an addiction to foods, it is not necessarily your mind it could be your gut. Be aware though that over consumption of these foods can then bring depression  form a sluggish and over worked digestive system. 

4 – Your gut holds the bulk of your immune cells, up to 70%. These immune cells are your army that fight against foreign invaders such as toxic foods, medications, alcohol, drugs etc. Your healthy, good bacteria are the ones who make up this army. If your immune cells are fed acidic and toxic foods they will weaken and die. This will then leave you with a vulnerable body system with no immunity to bad bacterias and viruses. 

5 – The gut sends emotional signals to the brain. This is our GUT FEELING. The vagus nerve which is in the gut is what sends us this signal. Research has revealed that 90% of its fibres carry information from the gut to the brain. Picture you have a highway from your gut to your brain and the communication starts in your gut and then goes to your brain with its feelings.

Sometimes it might be wise to trust your gut, for its feelings are real!

6 – There are actually over 100 million brain cells found in the gut! Your gut actually can think for itself being the only organ in the body that can function without the oversight of the brain. 

7 – Bad gut bacteria can damage your liver health significantly. 70% of the blood flow to the lover comes from the gut! Researchers have found that between 20-75% of patients with fatty liver diseases that are not linked to alcoholism, also had an overgrowth of bad gut bacteria. 

8 – Mucous and plaque forms on the walls of the intestines when there is bad bacteria or acidic foods or invaders coming in. It forms a layer of mucous or plaque to help slow the process of absorption of the toxicity into the blood stream.

The unfortunate thing with this situation is that the mucous and plaque also slows down the absorption of nutrients that then starts the process of feeling fatigued and under nourished. The only way to break down the lining of mucous and plaque is to do a deep detox with detox methods that can help strip away the heavy metals in the gut also.

Mucous and plaque is a starting point for more chronic diseases to grow. 

So not only does gut health effects mental health but also physical health. 

There is an endless amount of research being done on this topic now and this is just the tip of the iceberg. if you feel you would like to know more on all of these topics look up documentaries on the parasites effects on humans and also gut/ brain health. 

So what is my biggest piece wisdom here for to take away and use to be sure you do not have parasites or over growth of bad gut bacterias? 

Eat clean plant based foods. Avoid animal products, especially raw fish and pig. If you feel you have parasites or an unhealthy gut environment do a detox and start with a fresh clean slate again. Be sure to get support in doing this as you can do damage if not done correctly and you do not focus on rebuilding the gut flora once detoxed. 

So, take a moment and ask your gut – ‘HOW DO YOU FEEL?” 

Much love 
Tami Jane xx


Gail Abraham

Great information. I do have gut issues, i have a hyatis hernia and an ulcer so suffer reflux.
I juice regularly but do slip up especially with chocolate and that sets it off.
I take and HATE nexium when in pain so will have to be stricter on myself

Inner Connect

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Hi Dawn! Juice fasting with ingredients like carrot, beetroot, celery, apples and more, whilst taking bentonite clay and doing enemas (which you must educate yourself on first before trying) can help with this. My detox program has helped many people pass worms!! Maybe take a look at it in the detox program page of the website. Much love Tami Jane xxxx


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