Heal Psoriasis Naturally

To heal psoriasis naturally you really only need to make some easy and basic diet and lifestyle changes. Many of my clients have reversed and been able to heal psoriasis naturally with great surprise and continued on with an easy management plan.

So before we talk about how to heal psoriasis naturally lets take a look at what it is.


Normally our skin will renew itself every 30 days. This is how long it takes a new skin cell to make its way up to the surface from the inner deepest layer.
What happens in a person who has psoriasis is the new skin cell will reach the top in just 3 days and the skin cell has plaque in it and grows rapidly.

So when this cell reaches the top it creates raised areas called plaque which can be very itchy and swollen. Psoriasis can cause discomfort for the person with the heat and itchiness that is associated with it and the effect it has on the nervous system.

The psoriasis effected cells don’t mature like normal healthy skin cells do when they rise to the surface. Instead of dying off when they reach the top layer of the skin they build up plaque in the cells and create a rapid cell growth at the top of the skin layers. The skin then becomes white and flakes off. This can look un appealing to the eye and cause the person to feel self conscious.

Normally a healthy skin cell will mature as it rises to the top surface and die off.

Psoriasis can show up on any part of the body but tends to be in areas like the elbows, knees, legs, back of legs, scalp, ears and arms and tends to be in places that heat up more. It can also be found to develop in the genital areas.

This condition can come and go too, with some people suffering more in the colder weather. It can disappear for months and then be triggered by stress, change of climate or environment or foods that are eaten. Some medications can also cause someone to have a flare up psoriasis, bacterial infections and even gut health that may not be able to digest animal fats easily. It is very common for someone to have this condition because of a colon full of toxins!

Many clients have come to me with this condition and many have cleared it through eating the right foods, detoxing the gut and fasting for a period of time, along side making some other changes in their lifestyle that are simple and easy.

Any change is worth making if it takes away the pain and consistent annoyance of psoriasis right?


Here are some basic tips on what you can start doing today. If you wish to take things further you can take a look at my detox program that has successfully helped many people clear many types of skin conditions including naturally healing psoriasis. 

Eat a diet that is at least 50% raw, cut out red meat and cooked dairy for they contain arachidonic acid, which is a substance that makes the lesions of psoriasis swell and turn red. 

Try eating more of the following foods.

**Good fats and oils found in avocado, nut and seed oils.
**Cruciferous Vegetables
**Leafy Greens
**Sprouts and micro greens
**Sweet Potato
**Aloe Vera
**Fermented foods

There are many more foods you can add into your diet that will also help calm the nervous system down and cool the body. These will be a good start for you. Maybe you can try to make some juice each day that have some of these foods in them. 

Ideally you want to start by focusing on the gut health. Do a detox , clean out the gut and try to start with a clean fresh environment where you can re feed the foods that will help to maintain good gut and skin health. 

Assisting psoriasis from the outside can be tough. I have found with clients with this condition that using guasha wash to wash has been very effective and allowing the skin to breath is essential. So lathering on chemical moisturiser is a big no no. Try using a very light layer of shea butter or coconut oil if you must moisturise. 

Also swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun are the most amazing things you can actually do along side a good diet to help heal psoriasis naturally. If you skip these steps it can be a longer journey of healing. 

Warm baths help soothe this condition or on the opposite side, cold water with apple cider vinegar can help clear it up quicker externally when lightly applied to the effected areas.  

Always remember that the skin will only present to you something that is going on internally. Our body purges from the inside out. Psoriasis is a clear indication that something deeper may be going on internally. Start with your gut health and you may just be surprised on how good your skin can feel and look. Maybe even consider taking some time out to help yourself heal on a deep heart space level. 

Live your life without this persistent condition deciding on how you will feel for the day. Start your new journey now with these tips.

Much love
Tami Jane

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