Healing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CHRONIC FATIGUE – Changes your whole life. Well, not anymore! 

I can confidently share with you that I have not only healed myself from suffering with chronic fatigue but have also helped many many others now who thought their ‘normal’ life had ended forever and had been replaced with days filled with pain, no energy, foggy brain, low self esteem, days laying in bed and depression. 

The exciting part is this! It can take as a little as 4 weeks to reverse this condition through healing transformations program and start building your new life now like never before. Take a look at one of my past clients testimony here and ask your self this – “Have I tried something outside of the ‘western medicine world like this before?” “Am I ready to take full responsibility of my health and do anything to improve it?”


Here is a bit of inspiration for the ones who are struggling on their life journey right now because they are suffering with chromic fatigue!

I found Tami Jane on an Inner Connect advertisement scrolling through Facebook and saw the FREE 5 Day Raw Detox . I thought why not looked into it and then bought myself a cheap juicer to get me started.
When I joined the program I read up on Tami’s journey to what got her here.

Found we had a lot of similarities in chronic illness. As I had severe chronic fatigue. Like Tami did I was willing to do anything to combat this illness and get my life back.

I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue for about 10 years and doctors basically said it was in my head. The past 3 years had been really bad . I had a major burnout and couldn’t work anymore.

I was bed ridden for 7 months. I thought I was dying or had cancer and doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong. But I know my body and knew it was something deeper.

I had severe muscle pain every day and zero energy, even talking took energy away. I couldn’t walk but could only weight bear. One of the worse experiences in my life. I didn’t care about anything was to sick to even think. If I ever went out for dinner or a birthday I would then have to spend 4 days bed rest.
I started the 5 Day Raw Detox  group and I started too feel really good and knew I had to go deeper. So I got the face mapping done by Tami which revealed a lot and connected with me. So then I joined the FULL SUPPORT 21day detox program called Healing Transformations  and this was the best money I ever spent.


I had suffered from brain fog, would stutter getting my words out and memory was shocking. My weight went down pain was less. My husband was so amazed at my skin he said it was glowing every time I woke up.
Doing the water enemas was also super fantastic journey as well, found my bowel was not working well and very sluggish. Cleaning it was so needed.

From this journey I got my health back but also Tami helped me with deep issues buried inside with phone counselling and meditation, which was amazing, a real lift of heaviness lifted form that experience.
I then decided to go deeper again and did a 5 day water fast and water enemas everyday. That was a whole new level experience again and an amazing journey.

I made life quiet while doing this and got off all social media and totally concentrated on my self.

From doing the water enema’s I had parasites, worms come out, so many!!. These suckers took so much nutrition and energy from me and excreting toxins into my body.

I now continue doing 2 to 3 litres of water everyday. My basic food diet now is raw fresh food and juicing.
Through this journey Tami’s support has been over and beyond the expectation I had with this program. From the juice fast and water fast to the major emotional shifts that had been holding me for years.

Juicing was hard in the beginning but the coach calls and emails were so supporting and right on target and in tune when you exactly need it. You never feel alone.

Breathing techniques was another thing I got so much out of and use this in my life everyday. Getting that oxygen right into the body and brain, and breathing out, so good, fantastic for stress.

I now have my life back in full. I’m 39 have two teenage boys and a wonderful husband and they have me back! I now have a job! I feel alive and wont to do so much with my life now.
I’m excited about me!

I’m more aware of what is good for me and what is not, including people, things and food!
If your doing this for health or just finding a better self or going to a whole new level in your life this is something you wont regret.

Its an amazing experience.

When juicing, everything in my thinking and talking was so sharp and clear during the juicing it felt like a natural drug.


I hope I have helped someone out there through my journey, to feel there is hope and there is help and I thank Tami J and God for putting her on my life path to have my life back and better than it ever was!!

Colleen x

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