Healing Chronic Fatigue

Many things can cause chronic fatigue but the most common cause is an unhealthy gut environment. When the gut has been filled with hard foods to break down and digest for long periods of time, chemicals from medications or antibiotics (even from when you were a child), stress, causing your intestines to tense up, dairy food, meat, toxins from sprays/paints/heavy metals etc in the gut, alcohol and more, something that is known as LEAKY GUT can start to appear in your intestines…….

What is leaky gut and why does it cause chronic fatigue? 

Leaky gut is a very strong signal that you could be well on your way to getting Candida in bloom! It is when the gut flora and bacterias become out of balance and certain ones will become too less and some will become overgrown! This then causes the digestion and absorption of foods to slow right down, to the point that it can sit there in your gut for so long it becomes toxic.

The food starts to ferment and then you have toxic matter seeping through your intestine walls into your blood stream feeding your body!

Leaky gut stops you from being able to absorb nutrients to access nutrition and energy, therefore bringing you fatigue……

As this happens over long periods of time the body gets more toxic and more tired to the point it feels completely depleted of nutrients and full of toxicity. This is dangerous! So no matter how well you eat when you have a leaky gut you will still experience fatigue.


The symptoms of chronic fatigue are frustrating for the one who is experiencing it.

It seems to the outside world that you may have a mental issue but you really DONT!.

The symptoms can range from and include all of the following….
1 – sleepless restless nights
2 – heaviness and tingles in your arms and legs
3 – waking not refreshed, even if you have slept for 8 hours
4 – loss of appetite
5 – blurry vision
6 – clenching of the jaw
7 – anxiety
8 – depression
9 – physical weakness
10 – breathlessness
11 – migraines –
12 – irritability
13 – slurring of speech 1
4 – pain in body
15 – restless legs
16 – inability to stay awake
17 – days of euphoric feelings
18 – incoordination of limbs
19 – light sensitivity
20 – memory loss

There are alot more symptoms and this is why it can be very difficult to diagnose.

If you have been experiencing a few of these for some time now you could well be on the way to chronic fatigue.


I am an expert in healing chronic fatigue! I have healed myself from severe chronic fatigue that had me unable to walk for days at a time sometimes and took my ability to function the way I wanted to. I was so bad that some doctors thought I had MS…….many of my symptoms looked like MS. 

I have also helped many many others now, heal chronic fatigue and move on with their lives with happiness, light , energy to live the way want to with no symptoms.

To heal chronic fatigue you must go DEEP into the gut and DETOX!!

All the heavy metals need to be stripped out, the intestine walls needs to be swiped clean through colon cleansing, taking different tonics and clay. Also fasting is required, for when you take the work away from digestion you then gain that energy (which is about 30% of your daily energy supply) and then use it for healing and simply using it for energy.
Certain foods in your juices like leafy green, beetroot, carrots, apples, cucumber, ginger, garlic and many more foods can help with reversing fatigue. Enemas are needed to be done and there are many more detox methods you can do to assist your body to detox deeply. After all of this you must replace the gut flora with healthy bacterias through fermented foods and then introduce yourself to a high raw nutrition diet with intermittent fasting to maintain your new heath for some time.


So if you feel you may be heading down that path, maybe it is time for you to stop it in its tracks before it complete takes you down and do a detox! Whether it is with me in my 21 day detox program or on your own at home PLEASE detox now!!

It is incredible just how fast you can turn your life around and have abundance of energy through cleaning the gut!

Chronic fatigue is NOT a life sentence! It is a WARNING that something more serious is on its way……. LISTEN to your body, respect its warning signs and STOP the disease from developing further. Hope this has helped you understand chronic fatigue a little more ad inspired you to listen and are actions. 

Here is a photo of me with chronic fatigue and after I healed through juice fasting for 25 days and water fasting for 10 days. If you have not done and extend fast before be sure to learn all the extra steps needed to assist your body while it heals. 

PS.No I don’t have makeup on other than a little bit of mascara on in the second photo! I had just got out of a shower! 
Much love
Tami Jane.

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