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Ok so let’s talk about the differences!

Most centrifugal and some cold pressed juicers are available to buy at places like David Jones, Myers, Kmart, Big W, Home Target in Australia and also there are a huge amount of online retailers selling them too.

There are a huge range of centrifugal juicer brands ranging from Panasonic, Breville, Black & Decker, Waring Health, Acme, Omega 4000, Jack LaLanne and more.

Finding a good quality cold pressed juicer may be a little harder. I bought my Kuvings cold pressed juicer from David Jones. You can source more cold pressed juicers online but be wary of what brand you buy.
Brands such as Hurom and Kuvings both have very good reputations with easy to use parts and good quality juices being created.  Also the brand Oscar has good reviews too. 


THE CENTRIFUGAL JUICER – creates juice by using a ‘high speed spinning action’, with speeds ranging between 1,000 rpm through to 30,000 rpm that causes the food to be cut and forced through blades to become a juice. The centrifugal force passes the produce through tiny holes in a strainer.

Heat, static electricity and large amounts of air are drawn in and nutrients are destroyed. This is where oxidation occurs.
The end result is an oxygenated juice that is heated which creates a juice that does not have as many nutrients and will not last as long as a cold pressed juice.

Most high speed juicers create alot more pulp than a cold pressed juicer which means more mess to clean up. This can be frustrating for some. They also waste alot more food with it not being juiced as efficiently and leaving behind alot more pulp…..you will end up spending more money on produce……

The centrifugal juice has parts that can be difficult to clean and they can’t juice wheatgrass or leafy green vegetables effectively with most of the greens ending up in the pulp.

High speed centrifugal juicers create a basic quality blended juice and are a good item to start with if you are unable to afford a cold pressed juicer.

The brand I used when I started out was the Breville Wide Mouth Centrifugal juicer. I loved and used it for about 18months until I became alot more serious about my juicing and wanting to juice more greens. 


THE COLD PRESSED JUICER – Cold press juicers are juice extractors that use a slow speed ‘cold press’ masticating process. The nutrients are well preserved by this slow pressing process, with no heat being developed in the process and hardly no pulp being created also. You end up with stronger tasting juice and it has a much longer shelf-life in the refrigerator than a juice created with a centrifugal juicer.

The cold press juicer acts the same way as we chew our food, slowly squashing it down between our teeth, the cold press slowly presses it between the walls of the turning masticator.
Dedicated juice fasters will only use ‘Cold Press Juicers’ with speeds ranging from 200 rpm and less because cold press juicers are purpose built machines that extract a high quality ‘living juice’ for maximum well-being and have hardly any waste, making their juice fast alot cheaper in the end by not having to buy more produce to juice.

Cold press juicers create alot less mess and are easier and quicker to clean.

They can range from $250.00 up to thousands of dollars. To get a good quality one I would not spend less than $350.00. I bought the Kuvings Wide Mouth Slow Cold Pressed juicer for $499.00 at a stocktake sale at David Jones. 

My 2 biggest pieces of advice on choosing your juicer is this…

Buy one that has a wide mouth where you put the food in. This cuts down your preparation time by half! Juicing needs to be convenient for you to keep wanting to do it! How wonderful would it be for you to have at least a litre of green juice in your fridge each day?! Well it has to be convenient then!

If you can stretch the budget and get yourself a cold pressed juicer right for the start of your journey, DO! This will save you a lot of money in produce!

Happy shopping and happy juicing.


Gail Abraham

I listened to your advice and brought a kuvings, best thing i ever did. I was going through heaps of veg with my old breville. Thanks Tami…


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