Juices vs Smoothies: Whats The Difference

Ok! So, I’m asked all of the time which is better, juice or smoothies? My answer is always the same: both!

BUT there is a difference between the 2 and what they can do for you.

For my explanation here, when I refer to “juice” or “smoothie,” I’m always referring to GREEN juice (a mixture of “fresh” juiced greens, vegetables, and sometimes a small amount of fruit), and GREEN smoothies (a mixture of fresh greens and fruit). I’m not referring to orange juice, pineapple juice, carrot juice, or a berry-n-banana smoothie.

Those are all fine, but are more like a dessert. Right now I’m talking about juice and smoothies that will add a daily booster of high nutrient density and chlorophyll, from the use of a lot of greens and vegetables.


greensmoothie greenjuice

Juice is basically a smoothie with the fibre removed. This means that having fresh green juices are a fabulous way to load yourself up on nutrients, at much higher densities than with smoothies!

You can only drink so much, and with a smoothie, the fibre adds a lot of volume that fills you up using a much less of the produce that your stomach could hold if you removed the fibre and drank it as juice.

When you make a litre of juice with a whole lettuce, 2 cucumbers, 2 apples, a whole bunch of spinach, and half a bunch of celery, you will easily consume it and all its nutrients, without the feeling of feeling full or overloaded…..BUT if you put the same amount of foods into a blender and add some water to blend and tried to drink it, you would find it near impossible and would feel quite ill from the bulk of the fibre.

So, you can see from this example which of the 2 is going to give you the highest amounts of nutrient dense ingredients and without putting stress on your digestive system! This creates much more energy fuel for your body and nutrients to be absorbed into your bloodstream ready to have you pumping.

You might then say to me……”Isn’t fibre important?”

Yes it is! It is very important to have in your everyday life. So it is wise to keep both juices and smoothies in your daily eating plans for optimum health.

If you were to want to use juicing for healing chronic conditions, it is a very easy and affective way to boost your nutrient levels quickly and at the same time create what we call ‘a holiday for your gut.’ Taking out the fibres and making a juice takes away the work that your gut needs to do, to break down those fibres. It is allowing your body to then use that extra energy that would have been used for digestion, to go and do work elsewhere……and it will most likely go towards healing, which then creates a happier more energetic you!

So juicing is different to smoothies, and they are both fabulous for our health. One, (juicing), is just a few points up on the other, (smoothies), when it comes to its ability to assist our body to heal and also the amount of nutrients you get in one litre. Smoothies are excellent for maintaining good health once you have healed.

So enjoy both, but know the difference!



Hey tam its Jen from Bytes of Byron, how are you hunny?
I was thinking of doing a juice cleanse. As you know I eat really well and pretty much always organic but I was thinking it would be good to give my digestive system a rest. How long would you recommend doing just juices for and how many a day? Also I have a blender plus a cold press juicer. I know you said a juicer maybe slightly more beneficial but do people just have these when doing a cleanse instead of smoothies and any food? Also I would be really grateful if you could send me a good recipe for a cold press juice
Thanks so much beautiful xxx


Hi Jen,

Its lovely to hear from you. It’s a great idea to do a juice cleanse if you are looking at giving your digestion a rest and your body a chance to heal or reverse any symptoms it may be experiencing. A juice fast is the quickest and most effective way to do this naturally.
Once you have been juicing for about 3 days your body will start to respond with better absorption of the juices nutrients and energy levels will rise because of this.

Each and every person is different in how long they can juice fast for. It also depends on the exact reason why someone is doing it for.
It is proven that even after 3 days of fasting your body is already healing….cells are changing and healthy cells are replacing sick cells.

It is recommended to fast for at least 7 days to make any real difference for minor symptoms, but if you were to want to heal/reverse something more serious, you would need to faster longer than 14 days.

The daily requirement for the amount of juice is 1 litre per every 22kgs that you weigh each day of your fast. This also applies to the amount of water you should also be having whilst fasting. This will keep you hydration levels up and also your nutrient intake at a good level for your size.

A juicer is best for when you are fasting as it takes out the fibres in the end product. The blender will leave the fibres in the drink. The fibres in the drink will cause the digestive system to still have to work to break it down and digest.

We have a free juice recipe ebook in our Inner Connect Facebook group. If you join it, type in the top right hand corner search bar in the group the words ‘free juice ebook” and you will find it!

I hope this has helped you to feel more confident in doing a juice fast. We do have our 8 week Awesome Health and Healing Transformations program that is full of information, tasks, raw food recipes, a guided juice fast and so much more if you are interested in taking it further.

Much love
Tami J


I love both and alternate between the two a lot, only thing about juicing is I have a hard time coming to terms with the waste, but I’m going to start getting creative and putting the pulp into other recipies, I wonder if fruit pulp would be nice in a whole meal muffin recipie for the kids?
Will give it a try and let you know!


Hi Alii!

There are many ways to re use the pulp instead of it going to waste for sure! If you own a dehydrator you can actually use it as part of a recipe for raw crackers and raw pizza bases by adding seeds etc to it. It is also lovely in pasta sauces raw or even better raw but slightly warmed with other wet ingredients. Muffins and raw cakes can have the pulp in it too…..even smoothes!

A lot of the nutrients have been stripped from it and you are literally left with mostly fibre but there IS still nutrients available in that pulp.

Sometimes people actually put that pulp through the juicer again and get more juice from it…..I personally I have not tried this, but it would be interesting to see what happened and how much you would get. This would most likely only work in a cold pressed juicer.

It would be fabulous to see your muffin recipe on here if you end up making them!

thanks for your post

much love
Tami J


Hi Alii
Following on from Tami’s post, I usually put my pulp through a nut mylk bag, squeeze and get a lot more juice form it. I made about a litre of juice this morning and form the pulp I got another 100ml of juice.Never tired putting it back into the juicer this, may just try that

Tami J

Hi Himesh! Thats a fabulous idea about the nut milk bag! let us know what seems to be more affective…. putting it back through the juicer or the bag??

much love
Tami J


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