Kids Love Smoothies *Recipe Included!*

Over the past 2 years I have been slowly transitioning my kids (7 year old and 4 year old) into eating more raw foods!  This challenge (and yes it was a challenge!) all begun when I healed myself from chronic fatigue, leaky gut and hypothyroidism just by eating raw foods and juicing raw foods whilst doing an extended fast.

My daughter Lexi (4 years of age now) suffered from constipation from our poor food choices and my son Rory (now 7 years of age) suffered from chronic asthma, sinuses and eczema. I knew after healing myself from concentrating on my nutrition that these things could be helped just as much, if not even more easily.

kids love smoothies 

So it began… kids journey to becoming raw foodists! It was a slow transition from being meat eaters to not having meat and more cooked veggies. Then the dairy had to be cut out of the diet (this was the hardest to get them off!), then the processed sugars and foods had to go!

Once I had them off those foods and for a couple of months, I then started introducing more raw foods onto their plate and less cooked foods as the weeks went by! Before we knew it, they were sitting down to a plate full of raw foods only and no complaints.

Their health improved immensely and we were in happy days. Now I know if they eat a lot of processed foods and their little digestive systems slow down, their symptoms return very quickly. It can take even just one birthday party with loads of sugar to set them off again.

So having the knowledge of raw foods to keep their health at a good level is a fabulous tool to have, and to have them co-operate and eat them makes their life so much more enjoyable when they do not suffer from their symptoms.

One of the best ways in the end that I found in getting them to transition was the use of smoothies in the mornings……smoothies can be jam packed with goodness! Real nutrient dense foods, that are easy for them to swallow without much effort in chewing, and foods that can provide them with plenty of energy and the feeling of a full belly!

So we started introducing the smoothie into their daily routine in the mornings…..this got them off the usual toast, crumpets or cereals that were full of processed sugars and additives.

I started with a very sweet flavoured smoothie and their favourite fruits in there. Rory did not like a lot of fruits at this point so banana, with some sunflower seeds for protein and maple syrup was his start up smoothie! Lexi loved all fruits so she was easy to get onto them.

Over time, I started adding small amounts of other fruits into Rory’s and gradually built them up. He did not notice until one day he was having a very green smoothie! We called it the Ben 10 smoothie and Rory was told by me that he would have magical powers like Ben 10 if he drank it. So after he drank it he was playing make believe that he had magical powers! Ben 10 was his favourite cartoon character.

With having the maple syrup in there and the banana he was able to drink down the spinach leaves and any other greens I put in! So hey presto!!! All of a sudden Rory was having for breakfast 1 banana, 1 and half cups of spinach, handful of berries, few tablespoons of sunflower seeds and some maple syrup to sweeten it.

Now that is what I call a nutrient dense breakfast! So today I am sharing with you a very easy recipe for a smoothie that your little kidlets might like to try or you might like yourself!

THE RANGO MANGO SMOOTHIE RECIPE (Rango is a character in a kids movie called Rango!)

mango smoothies 

Place in your blender:

  • 2 cups of mango -frozen or fresh
  • 3 tablespoons of goji berries – for extra get up and go!
  • 2 tablespoons of golden flax meal – for omega 3 source
  • 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
  • 300mls of coconut water
  • Top up with 300mls of water

Blend on high until all smooth, add more water if you wish to have thinner smoothie. Enjoy! Don’t blame me if you start acting like Rango after you drink it!



Hello Georgie! Great to hear from you in here. How are you after doing your program with us? Still enjoying your raw foods etc? Smoothies are such a fabulous way to fill up your tummy and GO when you are on the run in the morning….so this recipe is for the little kids but also the big kids that are on the go!
Hope you enjoyed it when you made it.

much love
Tami J


Smoothies are such an easy way to start your day! I love the recipe you have here. thank you!


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