Life In Bloom 90 days of healing your life

Life in Bloom 90 days of healing your life
has been a secret healing experience of mine that I have been offering only to people who are serious about making big changes to their life and healing in areas such as heart ache, work challenges, life direction challenges, self worth, self love, connecting to their inner child, meeting their guardians through life shift session, improving their physical health, spiritual healing and soooooo much more. 

Here is a testimonial from a recent client who I carefully selected to do this healing program who made massive changes to her life in many ways and went from struggling mentally and emotionally to thriving in all ways possible! 



Life in Bloom 90 days of healing your life testimonial; 

Working with Tami Jane in the Life In Bloom heal your life in 90 days immersion really shifted my direction onto a new path. 

I had worked with Tami Jane before and completed her 21 day detox transformation program and had amazing results. So when I was really stuck with the direction of my life and wondering how to shift gears so that I was truly living and flowing through life I jumped at the chance to work with her again. 

What I found to be the most supportive and valuable part of this program is that it is meant to work with you at every step. Tami Jane is so intuitive she knows what is needed at every step – even when/if you don’t! 

That made every phone call and healing session all the more powerful because it fits in with life and you are always in a space to welcome the healing. 

Her understanding and ability to read you is incredible and she is gentle in her guidance to really help you shift old habits that aren’t serving and negative belief patterns. 

My relationship with my son has transformed since this program and I am so much more in tune and nurturing to my own spirit and journey. I am making more aligned choices in life and really digging deep into my soul journey to find what beings me joy so that I can really bloom in everything I do. 

Thank you Tami Jane for yet another transformative program and healing journey.

Lauren x

Pretty amazing hey??

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So I thought I would share some more info with you about this amazing secret I have been keeping and am wanting to offer to only 3 people starting this month so you can decide on whether you want to see if you qualify for the experience and take the opportunity to really turn your life around as I practically hold your had whilst 
doing it and organically with your life and bring the much needed healing sessions to you as you actually need them. 

If you want to see if you qualify book a free chat here so we can connect and go from there! 

Sound good? 

OK so here is some more info! 

Immerse yourself into a 90 day healing and transformative package thats is bursting with support! 

LIFE IN BLOOM healing your life in 90 days immersion.  

A fully supported 3 month healing journey back to that feeling of self LOVE!! 

When everything is working in sync, self relationship is flourishing,feeling at peace within, healthy, strong, robust and excited about life and who you are, you are in BLOOOM!

This is also for you if you feel as though you are just one or two steps away from something great within yourself but just seem to not quite get there….you feel stuck. You are in BLOOM but not fully open yet.

Your LIFE IN BLOOM immersion can include 

*Self esteem and self love

*Physical health at its best

*Emotional balancing and clearing

*Breathwork and Colour Healing

*Life shift journeys

*Meet your guardians journey

*Inner Child healing

*Diet/lifestyle changes and blocks

*Fasting/detoxing for health 4 week program 

*Hippocrates Diet lessons

*Stress relief

*Healing self sabotage patterns

*Healthy boundaries


*Kicking that bad habit

*The practice of Vulnerability


Specifically tailored to YOUR needs for your life! What you need we discuss and organically work with as you BLOOM and not just for a short period but for 90 days to make sure you FULLY BLOOM!

It also INCLUDES –

1 – My online 21 day HEALING TRANSFORMATIONS detox program with FULL coaching, that you can chose to do anytime in the 3 months.

– See program here – VALUE – $1997.00

2-Support in the Healing Transformations Facebook group with others that have completed the 21 day Healing Transformations detox. VALUE- Priceless!

3 – 3x one on one 45 min coach calls per month for the months you are not receiving the 21 day detox program coaching VALUE – $960.00 – whilst you are doing the detox you will have weekly coach calls also that are included in that program. 

4 – 2x intuitive healing life shift session $320.00

5 – 2x breath work sessions (one of these is included in your 21 day detox program) $350

6 – 1x Goal setting and values session VALUE $160.00

7 – Monday to Friday check in text messages to keep you accountable and in touch. VALUE – $400

7 – My ongoing passion and desire to watch and encourage you to BLOOM in all aspects of your life! VALUE – Priceless!

USUAL PRICE – $4027.00


OR $3000.00 if you sign up after 10th Feb.

Offers is only available to 3 people and is open until the 20th FEB.


Click here to secure you spot to chat
Secure your place right now with a $500 deposit and then let me know so we can connect! 
Jump in now here – PayPal.Me/bloomnow   

Start date for this enrolment is 25th FEB unless you want to start earlier.  Places are limited to 3 people for this intensive one on one support. 

I would absolutely be thrilled to have you in my LIFE IN BLOOM tribe and walk the path of healing with you and watch you in excitement and love.

Sending you abundance of belief and encouragement to take a step into another direction to BLOOM!


Then I am here for you with my arms open wide ready to take you on the joinery of a life transformation! 

As you can see my 4 week program is $1997 on its own so I do not offer this Life In Bloom pAckage often for it really is a bargain receiving so much healing and guidance from me in this way. 

So jump in and  see you in the healing world. 

Click here to secure you spot to chat
Secure your place right now with a $500 deposit and then let me know so we can connect! 
Jump in now here – PayPal.Me/bloomnow

Sometimes we just need support for that  it longer to get lasting results!! 

I hope to be walking a path of transformation and healing with you in the next few weeks! 

Much love 
Tami Jane 

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