Natural Immune Booster Tonic

Hello Health Conscious being!! Have you tried a natural immune booster tonic before and it hasn’t worked?

This natural immune booster tonic is a super sonic powerhouse tonic that can knock any bug on it’s back if taken early enough or even as a preventative. 

I remind people that just because winter is gone it does not mean that there aren’t nasty germs and colds hanging around. So it’s wise to have a natural immune booster tonic in your weekly care regime to help yourself stay one step ahead!
There are many plant based foods that provide powerful nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can do this for you. Here I will share with you one of my favourite combinations!

If you feel like you’re catching something, why don’t you try this fiery, natural immune booster tonic shot? This shot can help your body fight back against anything that tries to come against it!

4 inches turmeric

4 inches fresh ginger
2 oranges
4 garlic cloves

One at a time, juice each ingredient separately.

Keep the juices separate. When you’re ready for a shot, combine 1 teaspoon turmeric juice, 1 teaspoon ginger juice, ¼ teaspoon garlic juice, and ¼ cup of orange juice in a small glass. Stir and drink immediately.

So what is in each of these powerhouse foods that makes it a natural immune booster tonic food? 

Here we go – 

Turmeric – Its most active compound is Curcumin. Curcumin has been scientifically proven to be an anti inflammatory helping things like inflammation of the sinuses, chest, lungs, and anywhere in the body. It helps break down phlegm which then helps the body system to operate efficiently and stay healthy. 

Ginger – Gingerol is the main bio active compound in ginger. This provides the medicinal benefits of ginger providing antioxidant/detoxing effects, brings down inflammation in the body system and fights against bad bacterias in the body. 

Oranges – High in vitamin c this helps strengthen the immune system and fights against infection and viral infections. Also rich in vitamin B6 yes B6, this super food can help regulate blood pressure and calm the nervous system. 

Garlic  When crushed or chopped it presents sulphur compounds that may reduce the amount  of heavy metals in the body which then helps the immune system strengthen with less stress in the body. It has been proven in studies to prevent coughs and colds if used regularly in a diet and can reduce the time of being unwell when taken. 

It can take 10 minutes to make this natural immune booster tonic and you then just keep it in your fridge as your natural remedy during the year. 10 minutes of your time could save you days of being of unwell. Well worth the effort I think! 


Much love
Tami Jane

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