Healthy Gift

This Is Our Healthy Gift For You.. Be Sure Not  To Miss Out!


We saw Santa last night and he said as a HEALTHY GIFT it would be really nice if our mummy and Daddy took

$100 OFF

their Rawesome Health and Healing Program!

So after chatting with our mum and dad about it, we came to realise that after christmas and new years, it is the most perfect time for you to have the chance to do a deep detox that will have you forgetting about all those rich foods and drinks you may have devoured over the festive season and have you bouncing back with even more energy than ever!

A few extra kilos crept on over christmas?? What few extra kilos?

Our mum (Tami J) has a secret recipe for crunching those few kilos that just won’t budge and we thought you might like to know that secret?!

So they did it! They have taken $100 off the price!

But you have to be quick because this offer will only last until the 31st of December 2015.

So if you think you want to enjoy our rawesome healthy gift and receive $100 off, you could be doing a full body detox after Xmas and New Years, and kick off 2016 as the cleanest most energetic version of you ever!

Contact our mummy Tami J Woodham to purchase it at this rawesome healthy gift price as a gift to yourself and book in your start date for next year!

Go to and look under programs

to see what an incredible program it is! BUT THEN PURCHASE DIRECT with Tami J at or o422843657

We wish you lots of health and happiness for Xmas and hope that you enjoy every moment! We hope to see you in the new year.

Love Rory and Lexi from Inner Connect

Ps. Tami J and The Raw Cowboy (daddy!) send you love!

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