In the past week there has been hundreds of articles written about what, WHO (The World Health Organisation), had released about processed meats causing cancer and being just as cancer causing as cigarettes and, possibly, that all red meat is.


In their scientific research they found that processed meat was classified as Group 1, carcinogenic to humans. So what does this mean?

This category is used when there is sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in humans. In other words, there is convincing evidence that the agent causes cancer. The evaluation is usually based on epidemiological studies showing the development of cancer in exposed humans.

In the case of processed meat, this classification is based on sufficient evidence from epidemiological studies that eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer….also known as colon cancer.

What I find truly interesting is since this information has been released there has been a back lash of protestors trying to deny that this could have any truth in it, people creating articles that try to downgrade it and just want it to be swept under the carpet…….

The World Health Organisation is telling us this information – they are sharing with us that processed meat does cause cancer! So how can we ignore this or try to deny it?

What is baffling is The World Health Organisation is telling us this information, they are sharing with us that processed meat does cause cancer! So how can we ignore this or try to deny it? Or even make it sound not so bad… causes cancer… they need to tell us again…..


Whether it causes it at a fast pace rate like smoking cigarettes or not, does not matter…….it is still having the same affect…it can kill you and it has been proven. 

There are articles out there now trying to downgrade this fact by saying the statistics show the number of people being affected by meat and getting cancer is so low compared to cigarettes and alcohol causing cancer……what I am going to say is this:

The fact that cigarettes causes cancer was brought to our attention way back in the 1940’s to the 1950’s when numbers of people with lung cancer were reaching a rate that could not be ignored. So when you think about this and how long it has taken for cigarettes to finally have heavy taxes, no rights to advertise their product in mainstream media and also be covered in gruesome pictures to try to scare away people from having them…..does it kind of make you wonder how long it will take for the health organisations to make this the same for meat?

How long will it take to make the fact that it can cause cancer in a human a serious enough fact to make it harder for people to purchase it without making a very conscious decision that they are having something that causes cancer? How long? 20 years? 30 years? 50 years?

It could realistically take another 20 to 50 years or even longer to get to that point and by then, just like cigarette smoking did, there could possibly be millions more confirmed with cancer that is actually caused by eating meat.

I am truly passionate about this topic because in my own health journey from reversing serious chronic fatigue, MS like symptoms (that I refused to have confirmed through a lumbar in my spine), leaky gut and hypothyroidism, I had to give up meat. I stopped eating meat instantly and went to a plant based diet and ate raw only. Then followed that with a 25 day juice fast and then a 10 day water fast.

When I stopped having the meat I thought I was going to go back to eating it straight after my fast. I loved the flavour it was in my everyday diet. I was going to be better and get on with my life as a meat and dairy eater! Little did I know how much different I was going to feel and be after I healed and had not eaten meat for 30 days.

I never went back to eating meat. Once I had healed and was not suffering my symptoms anymore I felt a true connection and clarity in mind to what my body really needed from me to be operating at its best. I was not about to give that up for any piece of meat.

Healing leaky gut was a focus as this was what I believe was causing a lot of my symptoms…….leaky gut thrives off meat. No way was I going to feed that again.

Little did I know how much different I was going to feel and be after I healed and had not eaten meat for 30 days.

When ever some one has cancer one of the first things they are advised to stop eating is MEAT. Stop eating meat and stop eating dairy. Eat a plant based diet and have green juices. That is what a doctor will tell them AFTER they have had their radiation or chemotherapy done. Does this make you question why? Why should they not eat the meat if they have cancer? What will the meat do to them?

So many people are healing themselves from common to very serious diseases today, buy giving up meat and dairy and eating plant based foods….its a fast growing trend that cannot be ignored and especially now that this information is out. So why do they heal? Why could they not heal while eating meat?

I believe that meat and all meat can cause cancer in a person. I know what meat does in our digestive system, slows it down, sticks to our colon walls, does not fully break down, ferments, it also brings in animal proteins and hormones that are foreign in our human body that then floats around aimlessly until it becomes plaque, fluid and toxins within our body.

There is a lot of meat that has disease in it before we even eat it…… Crohns Disease which is highly linked to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is caused by a bacterium called mycobacterium paratuberculosis. It is believed this is what has caused the IBS epidemic that affects over 40 million Americans. IBS is a highly stressed digestive system that causes other diseases to arise when toxic levels rise from the colon not functioning properly.


So when the digestive system is affected by all of these things (plaque, fermenting meats, animal proteins and hormones un digested and absorbed and sticky bits of off meat on the colon wall) it can most certainly be very prone to becoming a cancer haven if the issue is not addressed.

The human body will give the human hundreds of warning signs first, like IBS, skin rashes, sinus problems, anxiety, depression and Crohns and if it is not addressed by removing what is causing those symptoms (foods not being digested and absorbed and other toxic elements) it will become a cancer.

Cancer is one of the bodies last resort at trying to capsulate an irritant in the body so it can try to control it in a confined area. Tumours are a good example of this. A tumour is a capsule that the body has created to capture all of the toxins it is dealing with plus more and thinks you are safe when it has created this.

Anyway! As you can see I can go on and on about all of this.

In my studies and research some of them being (T. Colin Campbell Plant based nutrition, Anne Wigmore Hippocrates Diet, Matthew Kenney Plant Based Nutrition and the list goes on) there is always a focus on meat and how it affects the health of the digestive system…

I think this media release about the processed meats is truly just the beginning of something really big.

It is a very personal thing to be able to dissect all of the information out there and chose what you want to believe in. A person might say one thing that you do believe is right after looking further into it, and then they can say something else that you just do not agree with at all after researching more info.

I think this media release about the processed meats is truly just the beginning of something really big. They are only releasing small amounts right now about this but it will come out eventually on a much larger scale but unfortunately it will be too late by then for millions more people.

Some industries out there are so powerful and unfortunately for the human race, their main objective is to make money and it does not matter at what cost.

I strongly believe that processed meats are HIGHLY a cancer cause. No matter what is being released into the public view…….once it was ok to smoke……and at the moment its totally ok to take medications for your entire life. These facts are just so sad……

I guess people need to start asking ……”Well what is it that is causing all these other strange cancers in humans? It’s not smoking and alcohol alone…….so what is it?”

Is it the meat?

Written with love for the human race

Tami J




Thank you Kelly! Its such a big topic right now and I hope that most take notice of what the information means to us and our health…..Im glad you enjoyed the content and it helps you to have more trust in your plant based nutrition options. much love Tami J x


This is a great article! thank you! It is about time this sort of stuff gets released for all people to know about it.

I have been vegan for quite some time now and have felt a huge difference in how I feel health wise. I believe it has a lot to do with not eating meat and dairy.

I have so much more energy and my memory is so much better! How much healthier our society would be if we all turned away from these products.

Thanks again of the article.



So glad this kind of information is finally getting released to the general public, health gurus, vegans, alternative healers have known this for years. Slowly people are starting to wake up, very promising 🙂


Hi Alii,

Yes it is great that there is more and more information out there for us to learn from! Very exciting times ahead for us as a society! Plant Based nutrition and vegan ways are very fast growing trends and trends that will only do the world a lot of good. Great for our health, for animal rights and also to relieve our planet from the strain it is currently under to maintain the demand for live stock to bred and fed to give us meat on our plate! It is a win, win, win for all if we can have the need and desire for meat drastically dropped and having this information come out about meat causing cancer is the beginning of a bigger shift for all involved.


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