NEXT DETOX STARTS ON 2nd December 2019.

Your detox to start the journey of revamping yourself and/or reversing chronic health issues,  starts here! 


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This detox is the perfect experience to gain better understanding of reversing and managing chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, through detoxing, fasting and raw foods, keep scrolling down to see what you are signing up for.


This Free 5 Day Raw Detox is designed to help you:

  • Learn about reversing chronic fatigue naturally
  • Be guided on what to eat and when for best results
  • Learn all about juicing and how it helps fatigue and inflammation
  • Find healthy raw ingredients and recipes (even kid friendly ones!)
  • Learn the tips on how to improve gut health
  • Learn how digestion and gut health is causing fatigue and inflammation
  • Begin to understand the benefits behind a raw food and juice detox
  • Connect with others on the same journey
  • Gain so much energy it will surprise you and those around you
  • Not feel alone on the road of isolation
  • Feel understood and no longer judged for the invisible disease 
  • Feel inspired to believe you can get your life back
  • Lift the blanket of fogginess and anxiety



Being part of the Free 5 Day Raw Detox also gives you:

  • Membership to a huge supportive community who have previously completed the 5 days, or who are new to it all..TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP TO SEE ALL POSTS AND COMPETITION POSTS.
  • Access to Inner Connect founder Tami Jane
  • Online access to video updates and resources over the 5 days
  • Spot giveaways and priority access to the Healing Transformation program