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When asked what my 5 year old eats, her answer is “raw vegan baby!” I receive text messages from her friend mums when she goes for play dates asking me what can she eat, because she has said she is a raw vegan foodie…

My Lexi girl was a meat eater at the age of 2 but was converted to a raw vegan foodie at 2 years of age, over a period of 6 months as we travelled through Western Australia in our family caravan. Since then she has been a very healthy and happy raw vegan foodie that takes pride in her raw food consumption and tries to educate anyone that asks her about it.

It has been a very easy transition for her, not so easy for my son who was 6 at the time of transition. He is healthier than he has ever been since being vegan and eating more raw but he will every now and then want that sausage at a sausage sizzle until I sit and educate him again on why we don’t eat the meat anymore for our health and also for the animals rights. He then happily dismisses it and asks for a vegan option if there is one. 

If I had my time over I would have started my children lives as a raw vegan baby.

It’s interesting because other than the cows milk that  had animal proteins in it, my babies were pretty much vegan and raw for quite some time as they grew through the months of  6 to 12 months of life……and they thrived and loved it! They seemed content with their raw finger foods and I can clearly remember when I introduced meat they actually started to become more fussier eaters and started losing their taste for raw foods…..interesting….

Now being a raw vegan foodie I get asked a lot about how do we eat, how do we feed our kids for school and how do we get our proteins and so on. There are lots of questions! The latest question has been 


A raw vegan baby can be very healthy, robust and be meeting all dietary requirements if the diet is balanced in variety. Make sure your raw vegan baby is getting enough oils/fats (which you can find in olive oil and avocado), vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin b’s can be more readily absorbed if the baby is eating pineapple or some type of citrus food and b12 can be consumed through the mothers breast milk if she is eating adequate amounts of sea vegetables, sprouts or nutritional yeast in her diet.

Their is knowledge out there that banana is b12 enhancing……, it’s in some mushrooms, fermented foods, some fresh sprouts and sea vegetables. So if you can get your baby to eat these at least once per week you may be able to avoid having to use a supplement. Fortified b12 is found in nutritional yeast which can be easily added to smoothies or pureed foods. 

Protein is only needed in little amounts and can be found in spinach, green beans and peas among many other green raw foods! Plant based proteins are more easily digested than animal bas proteins. 

Calcium that is often thought is needed through milk can be found in leafy greens. So be sure to puree plenty of greens. A raw vegan baby does not need cows milk for calcium! So you can be assured there little bones will grow healthy and strong of you feed them lots of greens. 

Some other things to be aware of is how to serve certain foods, whether you need to blend the food or is it soft enough for them to eat whole? Also be sure to introduce foods a little a time and one at a time. Once the baby is able to eat foods he/she can try any type of raw food from the age of about 6 months old. Before six months be sure to blend and puree harder foods and don’t give too much citrus foods.


Mushrooms have been questioned because of their fungal qualities. There is no real strict recommendation from the medical organisations on when mushroom can be consumed but there is mention that it might be wise to wait until the baby is at least 10-12 months old and to cook mushrooms for very young babies or toddlers.

It would be a shame to keep mushroom out of your raw vegan baby’s diet for they can have more potassium than banana, they are good source of iron, fibre and selenium which is an important mineral for health. 

If you decide you want to feed them raw to your raw vegan baby, be sure to wash them throughly in water and then serve. They are a great finger food and babies love their flavour! 


Mono eating is when you eat foods one at a time. Sometimes it can mean you eat only that one food for an entire day or longer but this time I mean to just try one food at each sitting, so you can see if the baby has a reaction to any particular raw food. It is not common for babies to have reactions to raw vegetables or fruits but it can happen. They are more likely to have a reaction to dairy, meat or chemical ridden wheat products. 

Here is a list of some raw vegan baby foods you can try if you feel your baby is ready for them. remembering to decide whether they need to be pureed or not according to the babies teeth and ability to eat. Try the sweeter foods first so they build a relationship with raw foods easily and then slowly introduce not so sweet foods. Never add salt or sauces to raw foods, this will instantly turn them off the natural flavours and yearn for the additives added. 

If you are not eating organic please wash all fresh foods to help eliminate pesticides….soaking in apple cider vinegar can be helpful for fruits and vegetables that you know get sprayed. 


RED CAPSICUM – be sure they do not rub their eyes with capsicum on their fingers! 

There are plenty of other foods but these are good to start with. A good indicator on whether your raw vegan baby is getting enough nutrients is to monitor how many different colours they are eating each day.

Encourage them to eat the colour of the rainbow a little piece at a time and one at a time. Also be relaxed in knowing that raw foods hold incredible amounts of vitamins and minerals that our baby will thrive on!

A piece of caution I will give you is to be careful with the harder raw foods in case they are not ready to use their teeth in the way needed and start citrus foods after 6 months and a little at a time and maybe cook your mushrooms until at least 12 months of age and introduce mushrooms after 10 months. 

Hope this helps you feel more comfortable with your raw vegan baby? 

Much love
Tami Jane

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