Hello I am Jody and I am a practising chiropractor. In mid-February 2016 I received a diagnosis of Lupus. I hadn’t been well for a while, despite my best efforts and enormous lifestyle changes. Years of change, with ensuing stress on repeat, had taken its toll.

The question then became – what to do? It appeared that as a complicating factor I had chronic Candida issues, which were oral in nature (up in the mouth & nasal passages…..not down there). My GP gave me some medication and diet recommendations, reminding me this will take months to a year to gain control of, and will be a lifetime of management. I agreed this wouldn’t be a quick-fix situation, however I’m always optimistic to the healing capacity of the body.

At the same time I was following Tami J at Inner Connect and was inspired by her health journey!

My blood test reveal I am almost in normal range. A phenomenal change in 2 short months since my original blood tests*! My GP is astounded, and to be true, so am I!

Fasting was something I’d been intrigued with for a while, though didn’t think I could last without eating…chewing…Thermomixing!! I had some friends who’d been through the process and assured me it was worth doing & the healing changes could be amazing. Well, let’s just say that facing an auto-immune disease was the nudge I needed to give it a go. In Tami J of Inner Connect I felt I’d found the right person to support & coach me and the worries, what-ifs and lack of eating didn’t matter anymore.

So I embarked on a Juice Fast in the beginning of March. My starting goal was 14 days. I still worked during this time, and with the physical & mental requirements of my job I had big concerns my body would revolt! I expected fatigue, I expected detoxing symptoms (headache, body ache….general feelings of sh*te) and I sailed through. My 2 week goal eventually became 28 days of juicing, with 5 days of water fasting (yes….only water for 5 days).

I eat well, extremely well, (along with an extraordinary long list of healthy lifestyle routines) and despite all this my health was heading in the wrong direction. For me, fasting made sense and has made an enormous impact on my life!

From the beginning my energy levels sky-rocketed. I went from dragging myself out of bed and only having enough energy each day to work…only to collapse on the couch when I came home – to waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. At work I was more clear-headed and more stress-resistent. The situations that would get me stressed weren’t phasing me. I would end a 10 hour work day as energised as when I began. And this was all from week 1! I was amazed, truly surprised (as was my husband)!

I made it to my goal, a total of 33 days of fasting with juice then water, and last week started adding in food. The experience of tiny morsels of food (literally a few slices of cucumber & cherry tomato) was a taste sensation like no other. Seriously! It’s reminded me to properly slow down and eat with consciousness! Food is a gift and sooooo fricken delicious that my normal routine of inhaling food as I do 10 other tasks simply doesn’t do it justice.

Now for the truly amazing part – I’ve had a repeat of my blood tests and my markers for autoimmunity have already started to massively improve. In a few short weeks, after giving my body intensive rest my blood test reveal I am almost in normal range. A phenomenal change in 2 short months since my original blood tests! My GP is astounded, and to be true, so am I!

I hope this can be a powerful reminder to you about what is possible in your body & life. Trust your instincts to what your body is trying to tell you and get the right support team around you to change your life. I am doing the best I have in years and my auto-immune issue is nearly in remission. I am healthy & happy and can’t wait for what’s next.

Thank you so much Tami J!
Lots of Love, Jody xx



Watch this video to see Angela who has suffered from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. Angela gives her heart felt testimonial about her journey, with Tami J coaching her through a raw food, juicing and water detox, where she finds herself medication and pain free for the first time in years.

Hear how her medical tests show that her inflammatory levels drop from 24 to 17 in only 7 days of eating raw.

Hear how Tami J also enabled her to break through emotional blocks, that had her suppressed since childhood, enabling her to be free to move forward in time without the heavy emotional stress that was part of the cause of her condition. Angela describes her break through as being tribal.

Angela was told by medical professionals that she would not be able to succeed in her detox and would be straight back for her medications before her program even needed……..Angela did not go back. She is now planning on returning to horse riding, eating more raw and continuing to use her new knowledge about fasting to maintain her new health.

Within 7 days of just eating raw food, my (inflammatory) levels went from 24…to 17*, and that was enough for me – I can go forward and really embrace this now.


My journey started by doing the 5 day raw challenge back in February this year. Wow what a difference 5 days could make, a loss of 3.3kgs and feeling not so bloated little bit more energy. So I decided to send Tami J a photo of me for face mapping. OMG not knowing Tami J from a bar of soap so to speak. How on earth could she know so much about me from a photo.

I had been to see a naturopath about 12 months ago and she had told me all that Tami J had, except the naturopath just wanted me to take tablets which I am not a fan of. So after having a chat with Tami J about IVF, Anxiety, chronic fatigue, my adrenal glands being shot, and a leaky gut, I knew it was now or never on trying to over come these issues. So I said to Tami J “Sign me up TO THE 21 DAY DETOX PLEASE…I am excited, feeling pumped as I am finally doing something for me, I am in the right head space to do this”

Day 1…oh no!…. anxiety attack in the morning what have I signed up too…I have to do this, I have to finish the entire 21 days. I say to myself ” Calm down you can do this”. and so I did.

So after completing my 21 day detox I am excited to say I lost a further 4kgs, no longer suffer from Sinus on a daily basis, no inflammation in my left ankle that I broke 4 years ago, massive amounts of energy, no more anxiety attacks and feeling like my body is in fantastic condition for IVF. I must admit it was not easy there were times I was ready to give up. But some how Tami J knows when your feeling this way and just knows when to call or send a txt message to get you through.

I must admit it was not easy there were times I was ready to give up. But some how Tami J knows when your feeling this way and just knows when to call or send a txt message to get you through.

Tami J gave me the tools to help me with my anxiety. Before doing this program I could not eat out in public, I could not speak to anyone on the phone after eating for at least an hour, I could not have a conversation with anyone new without sucking on a mint, sometimes I would struggle even talking to people I did know. Mints were my savour without them I would have an anxiety attack to the point I would nearly be sick. I have struggled with this for the past 14 years.

Tami J the support and tools you have given me to over come my anxiety I am forever in your debt. I can now go out to lunch with friends, strangers and even my family and now enjoy a meal with no issues. Hell… I just spent 10 nights in Hawaii eating out in restaurants every night and not once did I have any issues with eating and anxiety.

I have been lucky to not only have the support from Tami J but also my family and that I am so grateful for.

So for the next stage IVF which is something I am so very familiar with. I believe I am now in the best condition to conceive. I will continue to juice, to eat raw and to listen to my body. Mother earth I will continue to connect with you.

Tami J, I can not thank you enough for all that you have done for me…I am so ever grateful.

Bronwyn xxx



I ended my fast last Saturday and have spent this last week introducing solid food. Some has worked, some my body just does not want or need anymore. On the detox, I did 5 days raw food, then 16 days full juice fasting.

My results*:

  • 9kgs weight loss.
  • Clearer skin.
  • My eyes are clearer and brown flecks have disappeared from my iris.
  • My sleep is restful and I wake up feeling rested.
  • My muscles are generally looser and no where near as tight, which means I can move easier with no pain.
  • Clearer skin.
  • No pains in the chest which were a regular occurence for me drinking coffee and eating foods with additives No joints aching as they were previously.
  • My physical energy as well as my spiritual energy is higher. I am more attuned instead of numbing out with food.
  • I’m a lot calmer and clearer (I had quite a few traumatic and stressful occasions during my fast, I believe the fast and Tami J’s coaching, supported me so well. Historically my body would have been that tense I would have put my neck or back out.)
  • I am feeling very complete and proud of my efforts. I am sure there are 100 unseen benefits also!
My physical energy as well as my spiritual energy is higher. I am more attuned instead of numbing out with food.

A huge THANK YOU to Innerconnect, Luke and Tami from the bottom of my heart I now know my mind, body and soul are capable of so much more. I will be continuing this journey by intermittent fasting and full fasting regularly.



Wow. What a month. A month ago, I approached Tami, for help. My body was highly inflamed, suffering from chronic fatigue, leaky gut symptoms and I was a very irritable Kaylena. I contacted Tami, after I got pretty sick and needed change.

My intention wasn’t to lose weight. But to heal my body inside out, and with Tami’s programme, I was able to do just that, we embarked on a juice detox.

Not only have I healed myself within. I also learnt a lot about myself, Kaylena .. the authentic me.

I lived off litres of coffee and red bull to get me through the day… because that’s what I thought was going to help, I was wrong. Not only did it make me more tired, it was hurting my health.

Through this journey I have had amazing support, through my highs and my lows. Without Tami, this couldn’t and wouldn’t be possible. My heart is full, I could write a book about my journey.

What you did and do for me, and others is truly a blessing. You have shown me, and given me life. My son, has seen his mummy grow and it’s inspired him.

Tami .. I am forever eternally grateful for you love and support through such an amazing journey I’ve walked in just one month. What you did and do for me, and others is truly a blessing. You have shown me, and given me life. My son, has seen his mummy grow and it’s inspired him. I know it has!!

Thank you. Seriously .. words cannot describe how full my heart is. I’m lost for words!! My life for myself and my family is so so so much better… because I am better!

Thank you!



Sarah was born with rheumatoid arthritis in both her knees and her spine. She required regular cortisone injections just to keep her moving from day to day.

But worst of all she was a chronic migraine sufferer (sick in bed 5 times per month).

Hear Sarah talk with Tami J about her experience on the Rawesome Health & Healing Transformation, which included a 21 day detox. It completely changed Sarah’s body and life! She now feels like she is “walking on a cloud” and has not had a migraine since!*

I feel lighter in general, I literally feel like I’m walking on a cloud, like all the time. I have also not had a migraine since doing the 21 day detox*!

In this short conversation you will also learn:

  • How Sarah gained so much energy that she started waking up before her alarm went off!
  • How she lost 5.2kilos in 21 days AND KEPT IT OFF*
  • Why eating out surprisingly “isn’t even a problem anymore” for her
  • About Tami J’s coaching and “sixth sense” with her clients


Having just completed a 7 day juice fast has been incredible and life changing for me. Days 1 to 3 were the toughest for me both mentally and physically but once I pushed through that barrier of cravings and headaches I started to feel the amazing effects a juice fast can bring.

My energy levels soared from day 3, my insides started to feel lighter and my skin began to radiate. Not only did I start to feel the effects physically but the transformation which occurred for me mentally was huge.

This process strengthened my will power and mind and proved to myself what I am capable of when I put my mind to it and believe in myself. The confidence I gained in myself as a person during this fast has enabled me to flourish after a difficult time in my life and make decisions that I have been putting off for a long time. I will be ever conscious of what I choose to put in to my body in the future now knowing how incredible my body felt during this cleansing process.*

My attitude towards health and what I choose to put in to my body has completely changed. I now have a greater understanding of my body and am much more in tune with her and the effects of what I choose to expose my body to.

The amazing support, encouragement, energy boosting and love I received from Tami J during my fast is what enabled me to complete it successfully! During times of struggle in the first few days the encouragement I received is what kept me going, and I am soo very grateful that I did! I will continue to do juice fasts throughout my life as I now realise the importance and have experienced first hand the effects of a complete body cleanse.*



The moment my health changed out of sight and my life changed forever…

My challenge was to challenge my health, NO EXCUSES!!


I believed I was reasonably healthy, I ate healthy most of the time but also gave in to my want for unhealthy food as well. Little did I know my body was telling me for some time that I needed to do “health” better but I wasn’t listening, I didn’t know how to listen to my body.

My body felt fatigued, exhausted, run-down, tired, achy here and there, I felt “fuzzy” in my decision making sometimes, and sometimes I just generally felt unwell without knowing what my symptoms were because at those times I didn’t know how to listen to my body so I didn’t listen.

My health IS important to me, I’ve got one life and here was my opportunity to launch my health. So I DID!

I am a part of the Inner Connect facebook group and one day when I was checking the facebook pages I saw that Tami J from Inner Connect is a Raw Food Transition Coach. I was curious so I simply asked a question and that started me on my journey and changed my life. One question was all that it took and then… LAUNCH…

My journey involved so many learnings from the processes throughout this AWESOME program and also from Tami J’s wisdom and inspiring education, delivered in a safe, supportive environment and manner.

Before this program, I couldn’t tell you when I last created a pure, healthy juice from a juicer myself. All I know is that it was years and years ago. My program involved a 14 day juice fast and the result of this juice fasting itself changed my way of being. I never felt hungry and I finally felt “peace” throughput my stomach and digestive system. My “inner health” felt content, relaxed and TOTALLY AWESOME. I was stunned!

I jumped into a 21 day Raw Food Transition Detox with Tami J & the Raw Cowboy from Inner Connect. WHAT A CONNECTION… BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

After completing this program I felt this feeling of total “completeness”, pure energy, peace and connection with my digestive system and with food, clarity in my mind, understanding the nutrients I require to be at my best and knowing how to achieve this and no more fatigue. Knowing and understanding that what I am putting in my mouth and how it will impact my number one priority, my health, has CHANGED MY LIFE.

After completing my Raw Food Transition journey, I felt empowered to make clear decisions in relation to my health and due to the clarity I felt in my mind, for me, this flowed on to other areas of my life that were feeling unclear. I felt PURE HEALTH in my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit like I have never felt before.

I will continue on this awesome road of pure health and I will continue the processes and learnings from Tami J, the Raw Cowboy and Inner Connect. I fully believe in these life changing lessons from their program because I have tried it, I have lived it and I know how my health feels as a result of it. I now know how to listen to my body. LIFE CHANGING LESSONS!!!!

What did I get out of the Raw Food Transition detox program:

I put myself FIRST and got my LIFE and my HEALTH back. I learnt about my own relationship with food and what food provides for my body, health, mind and spirit to be at my best, my healthiest. I looked at food in a more inspiring, educational light. This is a complete overhaul of my health.

What did it cost me:

How much is an investment in YOU worth to YOU?? The cost to me was “letting go” of what does not serve me to improve my health to its ultimate state.

What will it cost you to let this opportunity go by?????


With loads of love & kindness,


*All of our testimonials and their stated outcomes are the sole opinions, findings or experiences of Inner Connect customers alone. Please read our Testimonials Disclaimer for more information.