The Humble Potato

The Humble Potato gets a bad wrap way too often, making it a food that some of us would eat while feeling guilty……

The truth is the potato is a highly nutritious food –  that provide us with numerous nutrients, healing benefits and spiritual/emotional balancing qualities. It makes sense, for when we eat a it, we usually feel quite grounded, happy, content and comforted…….so there has to be something in that right? 


The bad reputation of a potato started way back in the days of war, where there was disease outbreaks that caused ill health which was blamed on the high consumption of potatoes……the truth is it wasn’t the potato that caused ill health, it was actual diseases. Potato have also been wrongly accused of causing diabetes, cancer, obesity and even candida!

My goodness what a very very bad food this is!!

Funny thing is these tubers (potatoes) can actually reverse some of these conditions.


Potato helps stabilise blood sugar levels that can help diabetics, has cancer prohibiting properties to prevent cancer, are a good source of beta carotene and are linked to preventing strokes, heart disease, and cataracts because of this. 

There are many types of potatoes and one in particular stands out for me in regards to its healing qualities and ability to assist longevity in the human body.


Oh the sweet potato, how I love thee…….I enjoy the sweet potato cooked, juiced and raw….yes raw. It is a fantastic cracker if you slice it thin enough and top with tomato or dip. 

Sweet potato has many healing properties, it has the ability to help strengthen the spleen/ pancreas, increases the quantity of milk in the breasts of a feeding mother, helps lower inflammation in the body, strengthens kidney health, and has an incredible power of removing toxins from the body because of its high amount if vitamin A. 
It is a staple food in many of the longest living cultures in the world where people live to 100 and are still able to work, play and enjoy life just like a 50 year old could. It is known the sweet potato can assist the body to rejuvenate and stay younger longer. So, maybe that is another reason I love my sweet potato!

Potato can make us feel very grounded when we eat them, so if you find you are feeling lost, foggy in the brain or emotionally out of balance eat the humble potato. It has an ability to bring us back down from ego and back into the feeling of being centred and grounded. They can help us feel gratitude and strong in our own self.

This incredible food has every reason to not act so humble with its incredible long list of benefits! Take a look at this next amazing fact about the humble potato.

The Humble Potato can also absorb and help diminish the negative effects of wireless internet signals, cell phone signals and emission and other electromagnetic fields. They can even soak up and neutralise emotional energy we sometimes can pick up from others and our environment during our days. 


Juts simply take one out of your bag of potatoes and place it on a bench in a bowl! Every 5-7 days throw it out DO NOT eat it and then replace it with a new potato. Does this work?? Maybe try it and see how you feel……

One last thing I would like to share with you is its ability to bring extra joy to an occasion. Eating potato makes ‘most’ of us feel good! More so than other foods and it is a long lasting feeling of satisfaction and happiness that fills our body when we eat it…….so next time you are celebrating make sure you have steamed, roasted in good oil or raw potato on the dinner table. 




Sweet Potato Mix

1 medium to large Sweet Potato peeled and cut into tiny cubes
1 large Broccoli Head cut into small pieces
350g of leafy greens – your choice
1 large spring onion thinly sliced

Satay Sauce

4 cups of raw peanuts
half cup of soy sauce
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup of lemon juice
1 piece of ginger about the size of 2 garlic cloves together
1 garlic clove
1/4 cup water
1 tbsp of maple, agave syrup or honey


Prepare all sweet potato mix ingredients and place in large bowl.

Place all ingredients of sauce in blender and blend well! Add more peanuts or water to get the consistency you would like. A runnier sauce is best for this dish
Add more soy or garlic to your taste.

Pour only some of the sauce onto your sweet potato mix and mix through. Keep adding sauce until you have desired coverage. Keep the rest of the sauce on fridge until another time

PS –  yes sorry the benefits are never ending! When you want to get the most out of your potato and its nutrients the best way to eat it is steamed. Try to not add butter or sour cream etc. A splash of olive oil and sea salt will enhance the true health and healing benefits of the potato. You will still get a good amount of nutrients out of raw sweet potato. So go ahead and enjoy the recipe!

Enjoy your potato guilt free!

Much love
Tami Jane


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